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    Amazon says it is to be released on Sept 4, 2012.
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    She was not exercising a right, nor did she "impose knowledge", she had earned respect.
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    SoftwareNerd, More schisms! Original approach, and half-playfully I'm imagining it taken to its logical, absurd outcome - each Objectivist becoming his own Independent Institution. Yup, *individualists* would you believe?! Where we started. Seriously, though, as has probably been mentioned, it is all becoming ridiculous. If one O'ist tends toward dogmatism, and another to intrincism, another, subjectivism, etc, I for one have confidence that they will correct those as they go along. Simply because I know I will, to the best of my ability. (And if that's subjectivist, too bad.) O'ism's methodology, and plain-old not so simple living, will eventually reveal wrong premises, more truthfully than any 'premise checker' group will - and with none of the authoritarianism. Biggest certainty is that I have more in common with some guy or woman in Baltimore, or Cedar Falls, or wherever, than with my next-door neighbors. And I get on fine with them, usually. Let's not 'glorify' our minor distinctions.
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    How were jobs created?

    Read: "How an Economy Grows and why it Crashes" by Peter Schiff Its a really good book if you are just starting to try to understand economics.
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