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    Morning from Europe

    Bienvenue à Objectivisme EnLigne et meilleurs voeux pour vos études de ces idees. On s'intéresse d'Objectivisme à France? À Scandinavie?
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    Well for starters, children will get indoctrinated with religion regardless of what school they go to. The big difference with public schools, is that not only are they being dumbed down but they are also indoctrinated by the state in public schools. Further, I said the promotion of: Rational Private Schooling, Homeschooling, and the Voucher Program. Unless responsible and well-meaning parents are armed with the philosophical knowledge to be able to choose a rational educational method for their children i.e., a type of educational method that will fully prepare their children for successful adult life then it is quite likely that the results will be just as disappointing for them as for those parents who have left their children’s education in the hands of the state. There are plenty of Rational private schools out there... Thanks to Rand, and Leonard Peikoff's "Teaching Johnny to Think: A Philosophy of Education Based on the Principles of Ayn Rand's Objectivism" I did the research on the Montessori school my daughter will be going to. For me A PROPER RATIONAL Education would resemble: Montessori education in Primary school. Cognitive education in Middleschool, and Cognitive, autodidact and specialization education for highschool. A good video on the connections of Objectivist philosophy and Montessori education can be found here:
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    Why add the second part? Why say "and without giving something of equal value in exchange?" What is "equal value" anyways; who decides if a fork is equal to two dollars or one, and if they are given "equal value" it still ignores the fact that their property is taken without their consent.
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    Objectivism doesn't condemn this?!

    Objectivism requires, in a nutshell, that you do not attempt to gain values through dishonesty. This means more than simply ensuring that what you say isn't technically a lie; it requires that you endeavor to appeal to others' reason and intelligence rather than their stupidity and gullibility. In both of your examples cited above, the person is clearly behaving dishonestly, and in both cases it comes in the same form. The person is failing to disclose a fact that they know will be material to the decision of the person that they are tricking. In your original example, the guy clearly knows that he's going to leave this girl as soon as he sleeps with her, and he also knows that she wouldn't sleep with him if she knows this. He's deceiving her by withholding this fact and pretending that he has the intention of dating her. Similarly, the fact that some part will soon go out at great cost is a fact that is material to the buyer's decision to buy. Withholding it is fraud, and clearly dishonest. Objectivism holds that this method for gaining values will not serve your life and happiness in the long term. Relying on dishonesty to gain values requires that you seek out the dumbest and most gullible people to deal with, rather than the most intelligent and perceptive. It institutionalizes a fear of certain facts, namely the facts that will expose your lies, rather than encouraging an attitude of unreservedly confronting all facts of reality, which is the policy that one needs in order to be successful over the long term. Furthermore, relationships founded on dishonesty cannot become the kind of deep relationships that are integral to one's happiness, where another person truly sees and understands you. No short-term gains of one-night stands or car sales are worth this kind of life.
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