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    White Supremacist Protest Violence

    Communism is a much more dangerous ideology than anything "Unite the Right" has to say. Partly because they have been far more destructive throughout history, but mainly because, unlike the far right, they are well represented, and tolerated, among cultural, academic and political elites. So they, along with the entire far left they work side by side with, should absolutely be the main concern.
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    1. Pointing out that the Peso has improved 700% against the dollar does not support the idea that Mexico has devalued the Peso. If anything it is an argument for US devaluation of the dollar. Now if you want to argue that the US Fed is causing malinvestment and economic issues, that is a reasonable argument and in line with free economic policy. Stopping the Fed from dollar devaluation would fix a lot of issues beyond this discussion. 2. Corn is not an argument against trade, but subsidies. I agree that US subsidies policy causes malinvestment and the ripple effect is distorting our economy. But the issue is reducing Government intervention in the economy at home. 3. Mexico purses fiat money policy for the same reason all Governments, to avoid the integrity required by real reserves. All “workers” are poorer in every nation because printed money always benefits those who get it first (the banks) who have non-inflated purchasing power, and as it trickles down through the economy the last to get it suffer through the inflation and are poorer by the time any new printed money reaches them. This has nothing to do with trade and is an argument against fiat money. 4. I agree NAFTA should be renegotiated into a proper free-trade agreement, but that was neither stated nor is an issue with this discussion. In fact if we fixed everything you mention in your last post immigration would increase since we would have more wealth and jobs here and Mexico would still house the same criminal Government that makes the fundamentals of life, let alone thriving, untenable. 5. That is point: Corruption is that it is the real issue. It is a moral choice and a primary. Governments are not corrupt because of policy, but policies are corrupt because the thinking of statesmen is corrupt to criminal. People are not fleeing Mexico due to corn subsidies and trade agreements which pushed out a benign Government . They are fleeing to escape conditions that exist due to a criminal government that threatens their ability to live. Conditions created by the Mexican Government and perpetuated by that Government.
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    Why Objectivism is so unpopular

    SN, that's two different ways of breaking down the demographics. I would like to think that the private/public factor would be within an acceptable tolerance range/zone of being "the same" regardless of the geographical location, i.e., 50 states, private/public 20%/80% ranging to, say, 30%/70%, vs., finding the range going from 1%99% to 99%/1% covering 50 equidistance spreads in increments of ~2%, across the continent. (Number spreads picked solely to help contrast different findings in such a speculation.) This is predicated on a premise that the private sector is generally comprised of parochial and, mostly likely, a Montessori approach, while homeschooling is most likely some sort of mix between these. Given Aquinas' attempt to integrate Catholicism with Aristotle is a fact of the past—the ability to integrate religion with Objectivism is bound to result in a null set (augmenting SL's point, or so I am inclined to think.)