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    Since this is being discussed in many places and by many persons, I thought I'd start a new thread for discussion using some great free reference material: The Objectivist Ethics by Ayn Rand from the Virtue of Selfishness (VOS) is free to read and listen to on aynrand.org https://campus.aynrand.org/works/1961/01/01/the-objectivist-ethics/page1 https://campus.aynrand.org/works/1961/01/01/the-objectivist-ethics/page2 https://campus.aynrand.org/works/1961/01/01/the-objectivist-ethics/page3 https://campus.aynrand.org/works/1961/01/01/the-objectivist-ethics/page4 https://campus.aynrand.org/works/1961/01/01/the-objectivist-ethics/page5 https://campus.aynrand.org/works/1961/01/01/the-objectivist-ethics/page6 Page one features a radio version read by Ayn herself, and a Q&A session of a separate radio program in which she answered questions on the subject. Once we all have a chance to read and listen to the above as well as listen to the Q&A. I'd like to open the floor with a few questions aimed at a critical analysis of her ethics: Is the Objectivist ethics too "narrow" or "impoverished" due to its standard being man's survival qua man? Would a man necessarily live a lesser life by its adoption? Are there any alternatives to the Objective ethics which also qualify as objective and are also absolutely based on the facts of reality? Should one choose an ethics different from the Objectivist Ethics, and why? (based on what standard or reason)
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    I've only read the first 40 or so pages, even though I enjoyed his "Trustee from the Toolroom" and "Town called Alice". With death, I reckon it is the anticipation that causes the emotions. Personally, when I think about it, the part I don't look forward to is not death itself, but a possible few months or years of total senility near the end. I see no point in just hanging around in a wheelchair, with other people having to help me with simple tasks, and with me not even having the desire to focus even on the simplest type of TV program. Or, worse still, being senile enough to be imagining things, and having psychosis-like episodes (basically, slightly loony). Yet, even here, I realize that it is the anticipation more than the event. The person who has reached that state is often not even self-conscious of it and therefore not exactly as impacted emotionally as the people around him. So, perhaps even that slow dying is not too uncomfortable. That leaves me with painful death: don't want that... because I'll know it is happening and feel the pain.
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    One thing about death: you can be sure you won't be sad when it happens .