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    Objectivism Is The Everyman's Philosophy

    In the universe, what you see is what you get,

    figuring it out for yourself is the way to happiness,

    and each person's independence is respected by all

  • Rand's Philosophy in Her Own Words

    • "Metaphysics: Objective Reality"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed/Wishing won’t make it so." "The universe exists independent of consciousness"
    • "Epistemology: Reason" "You can’t eat your cake and have it, too." "Thinking is man’s only basic virtue"
    • "Ethics: Self-interest" "Man is an end in himself." "Man must act for his own rational self-interest" "The purpose of morality is to teach you[...] to enjoy yourself and live"
    • "Politics: Capitalism" "Give me liberty or give me death." "If life on earth is [a man's] purpose, he has a right to live as a rational being"
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    Reblogged:Pinch a Penny, Blow a Buck

    Gus Van Horn blog
    By Gus Van Horn blog,
    Over at Inc., business columnist Suzanne Lucas considers advice she unexpectedly received after sharing an anecdote online. The elastic band in a garment gave up the ghost after twenty-three years, and several people said she should sew in a new band, in the name of thrift. She had wisely trashed the old garment and ordered a new one. Here is part of her analysis of that advice:
    Lucas even discusses other possible benefits from doing the repair, anyway, and found them wanting. For example, as a chance to teach her son some sewing, this case was wanting because elastic would have made for too tricky a lesson for a beginner.

    To people who have had penny-pinching -- or worse, recycling -- drummed into their skulls from Day One, it might sound like Lucas over-thought this. I would beg to differ. While considering value propositions thoughtfully does take more effort than blindly applying a rule about saving money, it isn't that hard once one has made it a habit, and it leads to better productivity (and often, ultimately more money since making money is often an alternative to saving less of it).

    The lesson here is that if one cares about maximizing value in life, it is an error to fixate on the dollar cost of one or a few things. Many things are more valuable, dollar-wise, and some things one should consider cannot even be quantified in terms of money. See also Ayn Rand's teleological measurement of values.

    -- CAV Link to Original

    how does objectivism hing on free will?

    By myst77,
    From what I have heard the is a scientific consensus  that free will doesn't exist, many point to this as a huge proof of  the falseness objectivism. 

    Reblogged:Friday Hodgepodge

    Gus Van Horn blog
    By Gus Van Horn blog,
    Notable Commentary

    "We still don't really know how many defensive gun uses (DGUs) there are each year." -- Paul Hsieh, in "That Time the CDC Asked About Defensive Gun Uses" at Forbes.

    "t is immoral to use catastrophes predicted by 'experts' (who have never been correct in the past) as an excuse to limit others' freedom." -- Bob Stubblefield, in "Letter: Climate Change Used to Limit Freedoms" (2017) at The Aiken Standard.
    A typical gold bug, shortly after providing "investment" advice. (Photo by Itay Kabalo on Unsplash) "Tragically, those who call for the government to regulate Facebook's posting standards are calling for censorship." -- Bob Stubblefield, in "Letter: Only Governments Can Truly Censor" at The Aiken Standard.

    "We been pounding the table for going on a decade, sometimes even bellowing from the rooftops, that gold does not go up." -- Keith Weiner, in "Getting High on Bubbles" at SNB & CHF.

    From the Blogs

    Over at You Can and Did Build It, "ICouldAndDid" reviews Edwin Locke's recently-published The Illusion of Determinism: Why Free Will is Real and Causal, which he calls "the best book defending free will:"
    Professor Locke is a psychologist who has also written about goal-setting and business success.

    -- CAV Link to Original

    Rand in France

    By Reidy,
    A search turned up two full-length books, in French, that I'd never heard of. Is anybody here familiar with them? Ayn Rand or The Passion of Rational Self-Interest: an Intellectual Biography The Esthetic Philosophy of Ayn Rand The second seems to be a synopsis of The Romantic Manifesto, enabling readers to get familiar with its ideas while no French translation is available. Reminds me of the way ancient authors were preserved and disseminated before the invention of printing.

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