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    Objectivism Is The Everyman's Philosophy

    In the universe, what you see is what you get,

    figuring it out for yourself is the way to happiness,

    and each person's independence is respected by all

  • Rand's Philosophy in Her Own Words

    • "Metaphysics: Objective Reality"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed/Wishing won’t make it so." "The universe exists independent of consciousness"
    • "Epistemology: Reason" "You can’t eat your cake and have it, too." "Thinking is man’s only basic virtue"
    • "Ethics: Self-interest" "Man is an end in himself." "Man must act for his own rational self-interest" "The purpose of morality is to teach you[...] to enjoy yourself and live"
    • "Politics: Capitalism" "Give me liberty or give me death." "If life on earth is [a man's] purpose, he has a right to live as a rational being"


    Guest Guest_DagnySofia
    By Guest Guest_DagnySofia,
    Hello, my name is Kristen. I am new to this forum and still quite new to Objectivism. Prior to this past summer I had not known of Ayn Rand, her work or the philosophy of Objectivism. I look forward to reading your posts and writing from time to time as I continue to devour objectivist literature, satisfy my curiosity about man as he ought to be and further fulfill my purpose as heroine of my life. -Kristen PS-I live in the SF Bay Area. Is anyone near?

    Hi everybody!

    By bbrown,
    Great site. I think I remember checking it out before it bloomed. Wish I had registered: I could have had a *really* low member number. I'm a web developer in Phoenix, Arizona. I got a bachelor's in history from Arizona State University in 1999 and entered their graduate program in Western History the following semester. I have been progressing slowly but surely in that endeavor, though I haven't gone for two semesters now since I'm having two children in a matter of a month. I had initially wanted to become a professor of history, but I've since re-aligned my goals so that a professorship is an incidental goal. There's just too much money and opportunity in Web pursuits. I still love history, of course, so I still want to get my PhD and teach at night. That way I can do what I love while still earning the money to keep my family fed (not that I don't love Web development, but I'm more of a writer than a coder). I run the Bill Brown Information Center and several blogs on that site: bblog, Found on the Web, and PregoBlog. I'm gradually converting my fairly static Web site over to being a dynamic, data-driven one so that I can update any particle of content from any terminal in the world. That's me in a nutshell, though I've got a bio page with more details if you're interested.


    By John,
    I've noticed that a few of you have bloggers. I've made my own blogger but there are some things that I have to fix/improve before I can install it on the site. What are some good features that I should have? Also after you get your blog running how do you get people to go to it (besides making good posts)?

    Social Ethics

    Guest Marshall
    By Guest Marshall,
    What does Objectivism have to say about how you should act in relationships with others? To my knowledge, the only social ethic it expounds is an application fo justice: the trader principle, the precept that one should engage in exchanges for mutual benefit. Honesty is primarily a personal ethic; its social facet is secondary. The same is true of integrity. What does Objectivism have to offer regarding interpersonal competency? How should one treat others which one seeks to gain value from?

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