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  1. Nice find, thanks. I am a bit surprised, to hear this from Seinfeld. I think he and Larry David make jokes about the desire to be selfish, but I didn't think they are fully on the side of selfishness.
  2. Coffee

    I think that now your require several cups a day to stay well for the reasons outlined in my article, described fully in the reference How Stuff Works article. The fact that you may sleep like a baby while consuming a lot of coffee may mean that reacts to coffee and induced adrenaline better than an average person, however, the essence of the biological process described still happens. Or would you say that as a result of coffee your pupils don't dilate, blood veins are not shrinking and adrenaline is not released ? I doubt that, but I am sure that there can be an easily administered and conclusive test that you can do, after you drink coffee. For pupils, just look at the mirror. For blood veins, maybe measure the blood pressure. I'm not a medic, just thinking logically.
  3. Is the world continuous ? I mean, is there say a distance of length 2*Pi actually ? I'm thinking here of the circle with radius of 1 meter, whose perimeter mathematically is 2*Pi. If the smallest unit of length is Plank's distance 'h', then are we to assume that the circle as is actually "pixelated" ? Could the smallest amount of matter be 'h', but we could still think of half of 'h' ? Suppose that you answer "yes", distance is discreet, in steps of 'h'. What about 'time' ? Does this also imply that we can not think of continuous time, because time is only a record of movement of objects? Zeno's paradoxes in fact criticize both views of continuity and discreetness of time. Quote from http://cerebro.xu.edu/math/math147/02f/zeno/zenonotes.html
  4. Coffee

    I have written an article against coffee. http://rarden.blogspot.ca/2011/10/addiction.html
  5. Hello, I am a developer of the website Propster.me, mentioned here already. This is a separate post to tell you about a feature I called bitcookies. It is a kind of ad-hoc invite code that does not require posting a url. You can use to publicly give money (tips) to people on forums. It is described here: https://propster.me/...kie/forums.html Thanks, Boris
  6. Public tip jar for street musicians

    Hello, I have recorded these musicians on the street. Many of them I don't know how to contact, but I know where they (used-to) play. Maybe some of you have seen them. I have created public tip jars for them. If we can collect a good amount of money in them, it will be worth the effort to find these people and deliver it. https://propster.me/...utube.com/watch More street musicians: https://propster.me/...rummer ensemble How many times have you walked by a street musician, and wish you could give him props in a better way than a quarter? Propster is exactly like that, it is money + social. I sometimes give to good street musicians $5, and once I gave a $20. But it would be much better if 100 people would give 20 cents, because it creates advertising and these 100 will bring a thousand. I have received thousands of likes on these youtube videos, if everyone gave a little something it would be some real money and motivation for these musicians not to take a 9-to-5 but produce more wonderful music. Boris
  7. Computer Generated Music by Wolfram

    Computer Generated Music does not mean that there is no places for humans in music. It just makes music even more creative and accessible, and makes finding new ideas more frequent. Every musical genre is a simple idea developed further by people, but finding that idea is the hard part.
  8. Rutgers Objectivist Club

    Tell your Vancouver buddies about objectivism-Vancouver meetup
  9. ARI Canada

    I have started a meetup group in Vancouver Canada: Meetup.com/objectivism-vancouver looking forward to new members. We got 17 now.
  10. Computer Generated Music by Wolfram

    Steven Wolfram surprises us again, this time with Computer Generated Music. Note: At the following link you will also see a tip jar toolbar from Propster.me. I am the creator of that website. If you like what Wolfram did, leave a tip in a public tipjar, and Propster will deliver the tips to Wolfram. https://propster.me/v/0c84kdj/tones.wolfram.com
  11. Public tip jars for Peikoff, TOS, and Alex Epstein

    To some extend that is already in the FAQ, but I will add to it what you have said as well. Thanks for the input. You are right that a person may refuse to collect the money for some reason, and the balance can be greater than a dollar.
  12. Public tip jars for Peikoff, TOS, and Alex Epstein

    Hi, Nicky: That is a good point, I haven't thought about. It is hard for me to imagine a case where it would not be possible to deliver the money. Most people have a way to contact them. And in the case that I can't deliver, the money is either returned back, or given to Wikipedia when donations are anonymous. I am not sure there needs to be any additional workflow. I am excited to announce a new feature: Preview with a Tip Jar toolbar. Example: Peikoff website with a Tip Jar toolbar https://propster.me/preview/0c7s2ug Another example with screenshot: https://propster.me/tipjar/0c7sve2
  13. Hi, I have made a website on which everyone can create a tip jar for anyone. I have created four tip jars: Peikoff, for his Q&A podcasts: https://propster.me/tipjar/0c7s2ug The Objective Standard, for their great free podcasts and articles, and even previews. https://propster.me/tipjar/0c7s2y4 Alex Epstein for his podcasts on the fallacy of Green Energy: https://propster.me/tipjar/0c7s2o0 Here's one for ObjectivismOnline.net, as well ! https://propster.me/tipjar/0C7S3I9 The site speaks both USD Paypal, and Bitcoin. You can create more tip jars, for the kind of stuff that you like. The name "Propster" is something I thought a lot about. The site was originally called Online-TipJar, but I want to get away from the word "tip". I'm using the word "props", which stands for "proper respect". I think that word captures better the essence of why I'd want to contribute money to great projects/achievements on the net. Please use Feedback for requesting features. Boris
  14. Toolset to build a village

    I know many developers who have day jobs, where they do really boring work, and when they come home they start a project on Git Hub, where they try to be creative. But even those projects on GitHub are just small improvements on something that already exists. For example, a CMS system, or some javascript library, or some game, or Arduino (programming little robots). Lets concentrate, for a moment, on Arduino. Why is it so popular ? Because hobbyist want to do with physical things what they have done with computers. Many of today startups are created by hobbyists that learned to program in their teens. Those teens learned it for fun, not for a job.
  15. Toolset to build a village

    These blue prints will enable hobbyist to get into this stuff, and stop programming computers for the sake of programming, but now, programming to run these external tools. Eventually, there will be enough of these hobbyist who will begin to form into startup companies, repeating the .com boom, and more recently, the bitcoin boom, but this time in hardware. It is true that technology exists today in big companies, which are opened by especially talented business men, not tech people. Here is an analogy from Atlas Shrugged: The emloyees in Galts Gulch all had a side startup business, doing something with hardware. Ore mining, or something like that. When a simplest machine costs today 100 times the cost of a computer-only startup, most smart people do projects on a side that are isolated to the computer field. (Or, affiliate marketing, still computers, the internet). The geeks want to expand their domain. When more people start to tinker, not only more startups will be greated, but more great inventions will come. Big companies are good at what they do, but they are slow to move and switch directions. In one word, I'd sum it up as having FUN!