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  1. Back in the 215 for the weekend.

  2. So the associate provost of SJU said that today's Chapel Choir performance at the Mass of the Holy Spirit was better than an episode of Glee...I'm thinking, "That's not hard to do." Sorry to the Gleeks out there...

  3. Due to 'lack of room', NYC Police Officers, Port Authority Police Officers and FDNY Firefighters are not 'invited' to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero. Funny -they weren't invited on that day in 2001, either -they just 'showed up' and became our heroes. Please re-post if you think they belong MORE than the politicians who are invited.

  4. I did this activity a few months ago. Here's what our class came up with: From most morally repulsive to least: 1) Greg: His girlfriend made the ultimate sacrifice for him (besides death), and he threw her away. 2) Ivan (he was John in our version): By not wanting to get involved, John was essentially the same as Greg. In our version, he was a mutual friend. Is that really what a friend does? 3) Sinbad: The only thing that he did was make a business arrangement. Albeit a crude one by our standards, but a business arrangement nonetheless. 4) Sluggo: At least he did something for Abigail. A true friend. 5) Abigail: She made the ultimate sacrifice for Greg. She gave everything away so that she could see Greg again.
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