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    I discovered Rand's books in 1984. Have read all of her published work that I know of.
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  1. To me, the most frustrating people to try to reason with are siblings and relatives. I have four siblings that are all Christians to some degree or another. I have learned over the years that arguing with them on that topic is useless. When I get them in a logic trap they make a joke about it and change the subject. But lately with the economy in such critical state I have tried talking about the economy and such, which, of course leads to metaphysics, logic traps, jokes and change of subject. I'm thinking toleration can only go so far.
  2. I think that would be true if everything one acts to gain or keep is "in one's self interest." I would think that if you value the use of heroine you would be acting against your self interest. In other words, values can be rational or irrational.
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