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  1. I'm not sure how I would define rudeness exactly, but it is a type of communication that could justifiably offend and cause emotional distress. Say you're calling a customer service line with a legitimate reason to be angry—is it OK to yell at the person and use expletives? Or is this kind of conduct always gratuitous?
  2. The free state project is pretty nutty IMO. These people are talking about making drastic life changes in the name of a completely hopeless cause. Even if a fraction of the people who gave them a signature actually followed through on their alleged commitment to move there, what would 20,000 people accomplish on a state scale?
  3. I imagine that, probably over a long period of time, either a lot of Objectivists would move to a given area or that a lot of people in a given place would become Objectists, resulting in a large Objectivist population whose members would eventually become influential in local politics. Yes, they would still be subject to the laws of external governments, but they could still accomplish things like abolishing the property taxes used to fund public schools and answering the cliche "who will build the roads?" (if not the government).
  4. I'm not talking about the creation of a mico-nation, just a significant population of Objectivists setting somewhere within an established country. They wouldn't presume the right to banish people. Maybe they could shoot down the local school levies.
  5. Obviously, this isn't in the near term future, but if the Objectivist movement was to grow to, say, a few hundred thousand, would there be any incentive for them to band together and settle in a common area? Would this even be desirable?
  6. Could it very likely be only a few years away? The thought is frightening. And what will it look like? Will there be a new tax on everyone to fund it?
  7. The Case for Private Health Care

    The purpose of medicine is to restore health, not simply the process of dying. Getting healthy is exactly what today's shit governments, including that if the US are making impossible.
  8. Is art better than sports?

    I think art is better because it's a product of the mind. While sport has a strategic element, it's mostly genetically gifted specimens flexing physical abilities—that has a place, but it's below art.
  9. The American Flag--is it worth respecting?

    Given the current alternatives, I'm better off with the US government in my life than I would be without it. But I want it all, a country whose government protects my rights from both street thugs and politicians and bureaucrats.
  10. The American Flag--is it worth respecting?

    If I say no, do I admit that the Federal government in its present form isn't a complete abomination? I don't think so. It only does a reasonable job by world standards of protecting us from violent criminals who are not among its own ranks.
  11. The American Flag--is it worth respecting?

    It's my own personal example. The FDA prohibits any doctor in the U.S. from administering a legitimately promising treatment derived from my body's own stem cells to treat the arthritis that is gradually robbing me of everything that makes life worth living. Earlier this year I traveled out of the country and paid $33,000 cash plus travel expenses to get this treatment in a jurisdiction that allows it—it's working great, but I only treated 1/3 of the joints that need it, and I need additional treatments in those joints. It took me a year and a half to save enough money to do that much and the reality is I will never be able to afford to get the improvements I need under today's laws. I just paid my self-employment taxes and they took a fifth of everything I was putting toward the next round of treatment to pay my share of Medicare recipients' medical expenses, to say nothing of the $3000+ in premiums I had to pay for a health insurance policy that covers my 33/M self for any medical expenses I might incur related to pregnancy complications and altzheimer's disease, but that the government won't let pay a dime for the only treatment in existence that can make any meaningful difference in my own condition. What a great country.
  12. The American Flag--is it worth respecting?

    I think you're setting the bar too low and my beef with the U.S. isn't that the police arrest people for pot. Today's government, in the name of "protecting" people, imposes real hardship on many, and in some cases actually makes it impossible to even have a chance of survival.
  13. Strike back by comparing them to people who are yet more successful.
  14. The American Flag--is it worth respecting?

    I think the bad outweighs the good. I don't know what to say about the U.S. military; I don't watch or read the news and the only commentary on foreign affairs I pay attention to is Yaron Brook's and even then I feel pretty much nothing but contempt and revulsion for the stuff he talks about. The police and especially court system are worse than mixed bags and those of us who have been on the wrong side of either at some point in our histories, either for some victimless non-crime or just doing what we needed to do to live, know they regularly do a lot of bad.
  15. Though it may still be better than most other countries, as I hold the present-day United States in low esteem due to its rampant violations my rights. Does the U.S. flag mean anything anymore? Should one who has lost all respect for the U.S. as a political entity respect the flag and only detest the voters who have corrupted the government? Am I justified in not wanting to salute the flag or stand for the national anthem, and wanting to remove the flag from the front of my residence?