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  1. Determinism and free will

    I'm not yet ready to post anything definitive on the diet front (I'm doing okay diet wise by eliminating sugar and limiting carbs, but still have a lot to learn and experience before I'm comfortable throwing advice around), but here's a video of my favorite farmer in the world, giving a short presentation on ideas I'm very comfortable promoting: He's talking really fast, and referencing things rather than explaining them...he's referencing 100+ hours worth of material in a 50 min. presentation. But, imo, he (and the people he's crediting, he certainly hasn't come up with all this on his own) are solving massive problems no one else is even so much as addressing...and they're doing so in a realistic way, while advocating getting rid of the government incentives that have caused a lot of those problems to begin with. If you watch other vids on his channel (it takes some patience, and headphones, because he's refusing to put any effort into audio quality, he just speaks into his iPhone whenever he feels like it, and then posts it on youtube), you will be able to pair a lot of concretes to the theory he presents in this talk.
  2. ...hired by the " Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex"? About the same level of insane.
  3. Well, if we're sharing what things "seem like" to us, to me that suggestion seems insane.
  4. Veganism under Objectivism

    Fair point. Here's an interesting thing though: my parents retired to the countryside and keep a few laying hens. In my experience, every time my mom "steals" the hen's egg (I'm assuming that's the word you would use, if you think the hen has rights), she just comes back the next day and lays another one. That's an odd attitude towards theft, from a supposedly rational creature, no? More importantly, does your argument above still apply, if the supposed "victim" is never going to deprive me of my means of survival, and will in fact keep me fed much more nutritious and healthy food than what any vegan I've ever come across eats?
  5. Donald Trump

    No it doesn't. US regulatory policies are a huge barrier of entry for Chinese products. China answers with regulations of their own (Elon Musk is complaining about swimming in lead shoes, as his companies receive massive benefits from environmental regulations, government subsidies, federal contracts, etc., etc.). The rational answer to the problem of competing regulations would be to reduce regulations, in exchange for China doing the same...which is something they'd be very much interested in. Problem is, that wouldn't address the trade deficit...because the trade deficit is a natural consequence of China moving from socialism towards capitalism. Of course a country that does that will increase its productivity faster than a country that doesn't change. And increased productivity clearly results in imbalanced trade. And that is not a bad thing for the US. The trade deficit is not a problem for productive Americans, it's only a problem for politicians who are staking their careers on promises of curving it. The only way it could possibly be curved is if China stops moving towards capitalism...so Trump's goal is directly opposed to the cause of freedom.
  6. Veganism under Objectivism

    Veganism: slow suicide for the sake of lower life forms. Though perhaps that doesn't apply for you...are trolls lower or higher life forms than a cow? Who here had troll bourguignonne before?
  7. Another Kremlin ordered hit on British soil: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/03/06/poisoned-ex-spy-likely-latest-victim-in-long-line-kremlin-ordered-hits.html
  8. Love how unimpressed Yaron Brook is about the whole thing.
  9. Donald Trump

    Other than the "shrewd" part, this is accurate. It wasn't shrewd, the existence of this electorate has been obvious for a while now...Republicans have been subtly flirting with them for years. One more thing to note, that will perhaps give this morality-neutral stance of yours some pause: your sentence also describes what Hitler did, with the same accuracy. Clearly not. If any of the other well funded Republicans were willing to stoop so low, Trump would've never won. And sure, it's not just about one man's decision. If it was, somebody would do it. It's about the entire Republican fund-raising system, which does not allow individual Republican politicians to act in such a despicable manner. If any mainstream Republican were to do that, the major Republican donors, who invest in politics mainly to further a set of principles, would intervene to end their careers. The reason why Trump was able to do this is because he's not part of that system. He funded his own primary, in defiance of everything that's decent about the conservative movement.
  10. Donald Trump

  11. Determinism and free will

    Here's a video that sets out to prove that free will doesn't exist, and does an excellent job at proving the exact opposite. And yes, it's a video, and it's 25 minutes long. I apologize for that, I wouldn't normally post something like this on a message board. It's bad form, people don't come to a message board to watch videos, they come for written content. But this one's very, very good, both in terms of production value and content, and I don't have a written alternative for it. Plus, he talks fast enough that it's practically an audio book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0GN4urbA_c P.S. The guy's other videos, on nutrition and diets (he's a Keto diet guy, and an American who lives in Japan...so he moved from one of the least healthy developed countries in the world to the healthiest), and many other subjects, are just as good. Keto is somewhat similar to the Paleo diet, but less philosophizing and more actual science. I would love to make a thread on it, as well as on grass-fed and/or antibiotic/chemical pesticides/fertilizer free farming....if anyone's interested.
  12. Donald Trump

    Hillary Clinton isn't the subject of the thread. Furthermore, the truth value of the statement I quoted is not dependent on who made it. So you're very clearly committing the most famous logical fallacy of them all. So famous that it's not even worth switching to Latin to name it...or read the rest of your post. If you have valid arguments, next time start with those.
  13. Donald Trump

    Like what? As far as I can tell, every time there's a budget impasse between Congress and the White House, the positive economic measures are being pushed by Congressional Republicans. The White House is pushing funding for the wall, economic protectionism, and reductions in immigrant quotas (even outright abolition of some forms of legal immigration), and only agreeing to fiscally conservative measures if there is a 40-50 billion worth of spending in there that furthers Trump's nationalistic agenda. Same with the Obamacare replacement. As Conservatives were proposing a bill that would've made the US healthcare system considerably more free, Trump felt the need to engage in his usual populism and go around calling it "mean" and "lacking heart"...until he eventually killed the whole thing, and moved on to what he really cares about.
  14. Donald Trump

    The richest business leaders in America are more often than not to the left of mainstream Democratic politicians. Only thing they would be effective at is pushing socialism. I can't think of anything worse than a socialist (or a nationalist and a protectionist, in Trump's case) who's really good at running a large scale enterprise and negotiating deals...precisely because he's going to accomplish things that a career politician like Obama couldn't. The Clinton quote the "deplorables" meme originates from: “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.” How you went from that to "return to former levels of self-reliance, self-esteem and independence achieved by being productive", I have no idea. Trump ran on nationalism and economic protectionism, not self sufficiency. And the reason why he won the nomination was because he was the only such candidate, among a dozen conservative and libertarian ones competing for the kind of electorate you're describing. There's nothing self-reliant about people who demand foreign workers be kept out so they can keep their artificially high paying union backed or minimum wage jobs. There's also nothing self-reliant about steel executives applauding the 25% tariff he just slapped on steel imports, reaping a huge windfall at the expense of every US company that buys steel or steel products, not to mention all the companies that are going to be hurt by the worldwide, coordinated retaliation sectors of the US economy are about to get hit with.
  15. The story stands on its own, as I posted it.