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  1. Socially competitive subtleties

    The concept of an "alpha" individual has a somewhat limited value in understanding human interactions (because one person doesn't always have a set alpha or beta role, they can play one or the other in different situations). And even where it does have value, alpha status isn't really obtained through conflict, it's obtained by being the best at cooperation. (this is true for other species, as well, btw....the "aggressive alpha" behavior is more often than not over-represented, a mistake usually stemming from people looking at the behavior of captive animals rather than animals in nature). In the scenario you describe, the "alpha" would be the person who makes good things happens for the others (i.e. makes sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time, acts as the "common denominator" everyone is friends with, everyone turns to with problems, the person who makes arrangements for parties or getaways, etc.) He/she is also the one who usually brings new people into the group, or welcomes newcomers brought in by others. When you play this role consistently (with or without hot girls around), everyone will turn to you for it, and you will have no problem being the acting "alpha" among your group of friends, at all times.
  2. This woman is handing out terrible advice. Short of a situation where safety is at stake, insisting on employees being on time every single day, without exception, causes unnecessary conflict (and stress and resentment, which leads to poor job performance). If they evaluated and rewarded their employees based on their overall level of commitment to the job, instead of setting up inflexible rules for them to follow, they would have a more productive business and happier clients.
  3. Coercive School Photos

    If there's one thing I'm certain about in all this, it's that it should not involve any lawyers. It's not a legal issue, it's an issue that should be dealt with by people talking to each other.
  4. Coercive School Photos

    Why not talk to some of the other parents, see what they think? Maybe they agree with you, and you can work together to make sure spending parents' money without asking first doesn't become a habit. But I would definitely pay, this time. There's no reason to embarrass your kid over it. There's also no reason to get upset about it. It's not exactly a big deal. I seriously doubt the guy goes around photographing children out of the blue, and then asking to be paid for it. The school or a teacher obviously contracted him to do this job. In fact they probably went to him, not the other way around. And if you don't pay for the photos, the school (or whichever teacher arranged this) will have to pay for it themselves.
  5. Not gonna go through your whole list of dubious claims, I'll just debunk this one because it happens to be the first: There are very few species that naturally pair into monogamous male/female couples (geese, for instance), and humans most definitely aren't one. Only very religious societies force people into sexual monogamy. In most cultures (including mildly religious western societies), the vast majority of people have multiple sexual partners. Furthermore, genetics shows humans to be a polygynous species. So, if you want to go by what "human nature naturally" does, then it would be dominant males having the exclusive right to mate with multiple females. All humans (who have been tested) descend from a single paternal ancestor, who lived 50,000 to 80,000 years ago, and passed on his genes by mating with many females. In general, there are far fewer male than female lineages...precisely because, through history, only a select few males had access to females.
  6. Finding someone I can love is hard for me too, and I'm straight. And sure, I concede it might be even harder for you...but it's still not as hard (and treacherous) a path as some untested, unscientific scheme you might find, that claims to be designed to change your sexual orientation. So, hard as it is, my advice is to keep looking. If you can't find anyone where you live, look elsewhere. Moving is also easier than what you're suggesting. In western Europe (UK, Netherlands, Germany, the Nordic states), for instance, in my experience at least, there are plenty of gay people who couldn't care less about politics...and if you have a degree and work experience, jobs are easy to find. P.S. There's also Asia. I've never met a Japanese person for instance (gay or straight), who had an issue with my political beliefs.
  7. Elon Musk

    A loan is a voluntary arrangement. Borrowing stolen money is complicity in the theft, not a "loan". Without any stolen money? No, it's not possible right now. It's also impossible with the amount of stolen money Elon Musk has at his disposal, you'd need a lot more. So if he claims he's going to get to Mars, he's either lying or delusional. The only entity with the necessary funding to get humans to Mars is NASA. Spending $20B/year on NASA, and then handing billions more over to pseudo private entities which are far behind NASA, is pointless duplicate spending meant to line pockets, not to get anyone to Mars. If we're going to use taxpayer money to get to Mars, let's at least be direct and transparent about it. That way, at least there's some public oversight over where the money is going, instead of it being sieved through opaque back channels into politically connected businessmen's pockets.
  8. You're throwing out terms you don't understand.
  9. Elon Musk

    This sums it up fairly well: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-hy-musk-subsidies-20150531-story.html#page=1
  10. Guccifer 2, the persona claiming to be the lone hacker behind the DNC breach, logs into one of his social media accounts without turning on his VPN. When you do that, your IP is of course logged, and an IP's geographic location is public knowledge. So now one of the most amazing coincidences ever is also public knowledge: totally lone wolf and independent hacker Guccifer 2 lives on Grizodubovoy Street in Moscow...which, by total coincidence, happens to be the address of the GRU headquarters (Russian General Main Staff Intelligence Directorate, Russia's largest foreign intelligence agency). https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/03/dnc-lone-hacker-guccifer-2-0-pegged-as-russian-spy-after-opsec-fail/ This would be a huge scoop...if everything it proves (that the Russians hacked the DNC, and Guccifer 2 is a dummy account they've used to spread the material they obtained through that hack) wasn't already proven fact. As things stand, it's just anotherrock solid piece of evidence for trumpies to ignore.
  11. Why follow reason?

    So you consider sex to be hedonism? Are you a religious fundamentalist?
  12. Why follow reason?

    No, it doesn't. "take what you want" can mean very different things, depending on context. For instance "take what you want, if you feel like dying" and "take what you want, it's free" mean the exact opposite. In this case, the context is crime novels written by Agatha Christie. In them, the phrase "“Take what you want and pay for it, says God.” is presented as a "Spanish proverb" (it probably isn't, she just made it up...she didn't speak Spanish), by several characters, including Hercule Poirot, and is meant to illustrate that actions have consequences.
  13. According to his wikipedia page, Warren Buffett is "an avid Coca Cola drinker". And there's no evidence that he's on any kind of special diet, whatsoever. Seems like he eats the same food he sells. That doesn't really fit your description of what he's doing, does it? Someone knowingly selling what you describe as "poison" wouldn't eat and drink it himself, would he?
  14. Elon Musk

    I haven't said anything about his engineering. I'm not even aware of any engineering he's done. My posts are about his business practices. They're the same practices the villains in Atlas Shrugged rely on to get rich.
  15. Elon Musk

    Right. In another thread, I corrected you about a claim you made. It happened to be about Warren Buffett. If it was about Hitler, I would've corrected you all the same. Not out of a desire to defend anyone, but to seek the truth.
  16. Like Leonard Peikoff once said: Sleep is good. He was very tired at the time.
  17. Elon Musk

    Most business models would work in an Capitalist economy (unclear whether you're aware that Objectivism stands for simple, achievable Capitalism, not any kind of Utopia) even better than they do in our current mixed economy. Elon Musk's ventures would not, they would have to be closed. So what exactly is he efficacious at, except for obtaining government backing through a combination of pushing nonsensical ideologies and hiring former government officials as negotiators?
  18. Elon Musk

    He sold Paypal, right? So he doesn't actually own a viable business, that wouldn't go bankrupt without government assistance?
  19. Race Realism

    How does that make sense? The Americas were separated from the rest of the world 15,000 years ago. The people who lived there don't get a separate race, but Europeans do? Why? Do you know how much mingling there's been between Asia and Europe in the past 17,000 years? There are languages in Europe (Finnish, Hungarian, Estonian) that arrived from Asia only 1,000 years ago. And, of course, countless large scale migrations before (Huns, Slavs, just to name some recent ones. The most ancient European ethnicity is the Basques, and not even they can be traced back to Europe for longer than 7,000 years. That's half the time we know for a fact pre Columbus Americans have had the place all to themselves.
  20. I wish I had the wherewithal to put myself through medical school and start making money off of the sick and dying. Unfortunately, I'm just a lowly software engineer. Btw., there was no reason for you to assume that I'm a doctor. You just did, without any anchor in reality to support that assumption. Which is what you're doing with the "medical industrial complex conspiracy", as well. This is a very dangerous pattern of thinking, and you should start paying attention to it. Between the production and consumption of food, there's a human being with free will. So no, producing unhealthy food doesn't cause cancer. Someone has to choose to binge on it...it's that choice that is causing diabetes and cancer. I don't think Warren Buffet, just because he happens to be rich, has a moral responsibility to treat humanity as his flock, and craft our diet for us. It's okay that he feeds people what they want to eat, not what he thinks we should eat. He's a business man, responding to demand, not Jesus.
  21. Look up death and still birth rates in populations that don't have access to a hospital, and then decide whether you're getting your money's worth from this service. The cost isn't for an hour of the one doctor's time, spent ticking off check-boxes on his sheet, or for the nurses changing the bed sheets. The cost is for the team of highly trained specialists the hospital has on standby, for the eventuality that something goes wrong: they can perform what 100 years ago would've been considered acts of God, to save your and your child's life.
  22. It seems insane. You're welcome to tie it to the real world in some way. But you haven't attempted doing that, as of yet...
  23. Sex and Trade

    Sex is a trade, but the price is steeper than a trip to the store. You're trading in virtues of the highest order, not in small favors. Your virtues make people love and desire you. If you don't have them, you will only be able to buy sex from people who lack them too.
  24. Determinism and free will

    I'm not yet ready to post anything definitive on the diet front (I'm doing okay diet wise by eliminating sugar and limiting carbs, but still have a lot to learn and experience before I'm comfortable throwing advice around), but here's a video of my favorite farmer in the world, giving a short presentation on ideas I'm very comfortable promoting: He's talking really fast, and referencing things rather than explaining them...he's referencing 100+ hours worth of material in a 50 min. presentation. But, imo, he (and the people he's crediting, he certainly hasn't come up with all this on his own) are solving massive problems no one else is even so much as addressing...and they're doing so in a realistic way, while advocating getting rid of the government incentives that have caused a lot of those problems to begin with. If you watch other vids on his channel (it takes some patience, and headphones, because he's refusing to put any effort into audio quality, he just speaks into his iPhone whenever he feels like it, and then posts it on youtube), you will be able to pair a lot of concretes to the theory he presents in this talk.
  25. ...hired by the " Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex"? About the same level of insane.