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  1. AbsoluteReason

    What rights do school-children have?

    It is a sad situation sometimes. I don't think it was so strictly enforced at the school I went to, but I'm sure it differs depending on where you go. I guess it all depends on who is in power. If they want to exploit their position, they potentially have the ability to do so. if you fought back from a fight with a bully or someone who started it, you could probably get out of some of the "consequences" of it, depending on who your parents were (if they were popular in the community) or how much of a fuss they made about it. The reason the rule is there is because minors don't have natural rights at school, and they have to have a way to discourage fights. They have to supposedly provide a "safe environment" for the child and not allowing self defense is part of that. They once had a mentally ill assistant principal at my school for a time, who would out of spite for having to deal with it, threaten to charge victims of being the bullies themselves. SHE was actually a bully who also used her power and school rules to excessively punish many students for things that were null. She purposefully screwed up my schedules multiple times, and then tried to get out of fixing them! You can gather from this that the power structure in public school is often corrupt and exploited by teachers and administrators. The only thing that will shut them up is if you threaten to contact the school attourney hehehe .
  2. AbsoluteReason

    How much of your success came from you?

    This thread is obsurd.
  3. AbsoluteReason

    Evolutionary Psychology

    I don't think there is much reason to assume that humans don't have some instincts, in addition to thinking with our minds (our frontal lobes). In the human race's descent out of animal, we slowly got rid of these instincts, over a long period of time. Just because we are not animals, doesn't mean we don't have some instinctual pulls. Humans are just a very sophistocated species of mammals, and like everything in nature, it's safe to assert that we are pulled in certain ways by biology. Before technology, instincts helped drive our survival. It is a fair hypothesis to say that we are wired genetically to function ideally in our cultural environments, given what one observes. In the days before technology, you can assume that many hands were better than one and thus people were more dependent on each other to survive to do the hunting and gathering, plant the crop etc. so you can understand that for example altruistic behavior might be sexually selected through human instincts. There have been multiple genes linked to altruistic behavior in evolutionary psychology. I think this is mostly the reason behind the evil we face today with corruption and religion. There are not enough people who use their minds and too many who let themselves be driven by their irrational forces. Take for example, oriental cultures like China and Japan. Do you think it's a coincidence and not a product of eugenics/sexual selection that they operate the way they do? If genes can influence our intellectual ability (which obviously they have been proven to) how would it be impossible for them to influence our responses, our likes and dislikes, our personality etc.
  4. All I have to say is, people must make sure Obama doesn't get elected again if they want a chance at living a life that is marginally undestroyed. This is just politics, there is NO way a candidate who advocated for a free economic system could possibly win at this point, because for example older people who are expecting their social security/medicare vote. If Obama serves another term other government handouts will be the new medicare and will be toally acceptable. We will be facing an even more monstrous problem 5 or 10 years later, and our way of life will be in danger. I don't see how someone can say Romney/Ryan isn't a rational choice if someone is trying to salvage what is left of their rights and prevent what is rightfully theirs from being taken from them. Ayn would agree with that.