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  1. Replying to the initial question, Binswanger's How We Know says: Self-evident means "available to direct awareness. "Self-evident" is not a synonym for "obvious." To one who has learned arithmetic, it is obvious that two plus two is four, but that truth is not self-evident; it is inferred by a process of comparison and counting. But that the page you are reading exists is not an inference; it is self-evident. The data of sensory perception are self-evident." More can be seen on Amazon's "Look Inside" feature on pages 22-3 (link).
  2. Objectivist Virtues

    The following is a time-line of what Rand thought were virtues, the dated ones from Journals of Ayn Rand. September 18, 1943: Per the editor she presents independence as a primary virtue, but later identifies independence as derivative, an aspect of the primary virtue of rationality. September 29, 1943: She names integrity as the first, greatest, and noblest virtue. She also writes about the virtues of courage, honesty, sense of honor (a selfish virtue by definition), self-confidence, strength (of character, will, and wisdom). All these virtues are contained in, enhanced by, based upon the fundamental virtue of self-respect. July 19, 1945: Her chief virtues: self-reverence, self-sufficiency, worship of the ideal. July 29, 1953: The virtues of the Life Morality - thinking (rationality), independence, honesty, purposefulness, happiness, self-esteem. Galt's speech in Atlas Shrugged: Adds integrity and justice to the July 29, 1953 list. Happiness is dropped. Pride replaces self-esteem. Productivity replaces purposefulness.
  3. Objectivist Virtues

    Galt's speech lists 7 virtues (link).
  4. ART LAFFER: I Was Wrong About Inflation And The Fed

    It isn't only the quantity of money; it's also the velocity of money. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/velocity-money-elephant-room-180802951.html The graph missing from that page is here: http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/graph/?id=M2V You can change the date range if you want. The velocity of money will rise when banks start lending more. Banks are the "engines" of inflation. The Fed controls the "gas tank."
  5. George Reisman says leftist fanatics are responsible (link).
  6. Who Shut Down the Government? by Thomas Sowell.
  7. I don't think so. She holds it is not the primary question. Moreover, she does answer it, which is odd if she thought it was a wrong question.
  8. This is closer to what Rand said about other ethical codes. Rand's first question is, What are values?
  9. The Objectivism Research CD-ROM shows no instances of Ayn Rand saying that one's self must be sole beneficiary.
  10. Allan Gotthelf passes on

    There is a link to a draft of it here.