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  1. Please accept my apologies for bumping such an old thread. I am the same person as the user "Saberen" who posted above - I could not remember nor recover the password for that account. I'm afraid I'm posting asking for help once more regarding the e-mail accounts mentioned above. Since sometime this past weekend, I have not been able to receive e-mail at either address (@objectivismonline.net or @selfmadehero.net). I can send mail from them, and I can log in to view mail - I simply can't receive it. E-mails sent to either address come back with the following error message: Any information anyone can provide would be deeply appreciated. I have, perhaps foolishly, continued to use one of these addresses as my primary e-mail address. Has this program come to an end? If so, I would like to export all of my mail, but I can't seem to do that through POP / IMAP at the present time. Thanks very much, and once more please accept my apologies for bumping this.
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