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  1. Aristotle and the science

    The essential question remains unanswered: Has Aristotle essentially favored or retarded science?
  2. Aristotle and the science

    I understand your point, but my topic is: the relationship between Aristotle and science. The point of the controversy being: Has Aristotle essentially favored or retarded science? Or at least many. Common examples given are: The world divided into five elements (fire, water, air, earth, ether) The rejection of the atomistic vision of the world. The division of the world between the terrestrial world and the sublunary world (eternal and undergoing no change) The Earth being motionless. His description of the movement of an object is false (as against Galileo and Newton who get out of his vision). The idea that there is no evolution of the living being.
  3. Have you ever heard this common idea that Aristotle was the enemy of science? That all his conclusions were scientifically erroneous; that his method was not scientific at all; that it was only when, in the Renaissance, we got rid of the thought of Aristotle (with the aristotelician Scholastics) that modern science was finally established? When you hear that, how do you react?
  4. Jan Helfeld Interviews

    I don't see how it contradicts what Jan Helfeld said. Here is a new video, with unusual topic for him.
  5. Jan Helfeld Interviews

    Because you said : ...which assumes that reason does not imply experience. You separate them.
  6. Jan Helfeld Interviews

    You assume that reason doesn't imply experience, divorcing experience and reason.
  7. Jan Helfeld Interviews

    I thought your question was "What ought to be?" to solve an aporia.
  8. Jan Helfeld Interviews

    Helfeld, 2046, Helfeld.
  9. Jan Helfeld Interviews

    Are you saying that you dismiss the very principle of ultimate value as such?
  10. The Law of Identity

    After 2.500 years, we are still dealing with Heraclitus...
  11. Ayn Rand and the French

    I just started a Youtube channel. I have a terrible accent and I probably make a lot of mistakes in English. I hope it's understandable. I devoted a video to the following topic: What do the French (in general) think about Ayn Rand? I would be glad to have your feedback.
  12. What Sonic The Hedgehog Shows Us About Evil

    Is your video online?
  13. First of all, Objectivism is not materialist at all (neither Idealist). Ayn Rand doesn't thought that the mind was reducable to matter. The reason she was atheistic, is because she was rationnal. Her experience in the Soviet Union has given her an idea of how men can be vicious, the damage of altruism, and the need for a real response to evil, because she tells herself how much the "whites" contributed as much to the evil as the "reds ". Contrary to what many people think, altruism doesn't mean benevolence towards others. Altruism means self-sacrifice for others, this is the definition used by Ayn Rand, the definition of Auguste Comte who was the creator of the concept of altruism. Objectivism is not compatible with altruism, but fully compatible with benevolence towards others, as long as those actions benefit to you ; in others words, as long as you value them. About environmental issues, I really advice you check out Alex Epstein. Actually there is no catastrophic climate change. Anarcho-capitalism is incompatible with Objectivism for many reasons. Check out my Youtube playlist : Objectivist critics of anarcho-capitalism. (Maybe watch first the video: IDOAR #11: Damned to Repeat It, Pt. 2 - Anarchism) I was socialist, leftist, close to anarcho-communism when I was younger. Shifting helped me a lot to solve psychological troubles. I was disturbed by many contradictions. Yes it made me happier in general. It's sane to stop blaming the world or society for all your problems.