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  1. I neither include nor exclude anti-concepts and invalid concepts in the term "concept" : I ask the question. I'm not advocating anything, I'm looking for explanations. And the question is : in the Ayn Rand's statements that I quoted, does she includes anti-concepts and invalid concept? If she excludes invalid concepts and anti-concepts, aren't they part of Rand's theory of concepts?
  2. So Ayn Rand wasn't talking about all concepts here, but only the valids ? ...concepts as objective [...] as produced by man’s consciousness in accordance with the facts of reality, as mental integrations of factual data computed by man—as the products of a cognitive method of classification whose processes must be performed by man, but whose content is dictated by reality. I'm not trolling at all, I am sincere. I try to understand because someone made that objection to me and I couldn't answer. I may recognize it's my personal failure to understand. That's precisely why I'm asking the question and why I'm looking for explanations. If you are tired to answer me because I don't understand, please, don't do it.
  3. If so, it would mean that invalid concepts are objective, dictated by reality... but you said it's not the case!
  4. So, Ayn Rand's answer to problem of universals, Ayn Rand's theory of concepts, which concludes that concepts are objective, is wrong according to what you say...because it doesn't apply to invalid concepts, which are yet concepts. Or....?
  5. Come in my country if you want to meet much marxists!
  6. Ok but it doesn't matter. Anyway, do anti-concepts or invalid concepts are objective (dictated by reality) ? If not, aren't they concepts ? Ayn Rand said concepts are objective (dictated by reality)...it's her answer to the problem of universals. So I don't understand.
  7. If invalid concept or anti-concepts (such as gremlins or unicorns or phlogiston...) are still concept, why Ayn Rand said that concepts are objective (dictated by reality) ? Does she exclude invalide concept when she said so? Why? When I use the concept of unicorn (just like now), do I block understanding and even prevent clearly articulating the issues involved by obfuscatory or evasive vocabulary?
  8. Using marxist theory of exploitation : Let V be the "variable capital" corresponding to wages and C the constant capital corresponding to machines, tools, buildings, land, etc. Let's suppose that pl is the capital gain derived by the employer from the labor of the employees. We define E, the exploitation rate by the equation E = pl / V, and P, the rate of profit by the equation P = pl / (C + V). The "organic" composition of the company's capital is defined by the equation K = (C + V) / V. Using these equations, the profit rate (P) can be expressed as a function of the organic composition of capital (K) and of the exploitation rate (E). Indeed, pl = V.E; P = V.E / (C + V); Therefore P = E / K. However, under the conditions of perfect competition which is the frame of reference of Marx, the exploitation rate (E) and the rate of profit (P) are the same in all branches of production regardless of the organic composition of capital . The last equation shows that if the organic composition of capital (K) varies from branch to branch or from enterprise to enterprise, the rate of exploitation being given and everywhere the same, the rate of profit (P) varies from branch to branch or from enterprise to enterprise. That is impossible.
  9. Simple question about objectivist theory of concepts. Ayn Rand said : None of [the traditional theories of concepts] regards concepts as objective, i.e., as neither revealed nor invented, but as produced by man’s consciousness in accordance with the facts of reality, as mental integrations of factual data computed by man—as the products of a cognitive method of classification whose processes must be performed by man, but whose content is dictated by reality. What about false concepts ? (Like the phlogiston for instance.) It seems not "dictated by reality". Did Ayn Rand (or Peikoff or somebody else) said something about that kind of concept? (Where?) In IOE, she talked a bit about invalid concepts and call them "anti-concepts" : Invalid concepts are words that represent attempts to integrate errors, contradictions, or false propositions, such as concepts originating in mysticism—or words without specific definitions, without referents, which can mean anything to anyone, such as modern ‘anti-concepts’.” Any such term is detached from reality and “invalidates every proposition or process of thought in which it is used as a cognitive assertion. Does it mean they're not concept at all? They don't derive from the same process as valid concepts? Thank you for your lights!
  10. I don't know, I just wonder if the newborn cry is an emotion or not.
  11. I've read already this. How does it answer the question according to you? You mean that the newborn cry because of physical pain, not emotion ?
  12. If there is no innate ideas, and if emotions derives from the ideas, why the newborn cry ?
  13. As a significant phenomenon, yes, it is mainly entrepreneurs and businessmen. People who wish to do politics or administration do not leave France, it is the country dreamed for it. Actually a supporter of mixed economy, you should say. Who is, however, a little more pro-capitalist than what France has known so far (especially from a center-left guy). He's a bit like Tony Blair... But France has never known her Thatcher.
  14. How the fact that french brains, in business (entrepreneurs), have actually left the country could explain Macron's success? It's seems a poor explanation from someone who doesn't know this country...