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  1. The last six years of my life have been pretty a much a complete and utter waste. To be fair to myself, life dealt me an unusually difficult set of circumstances which were beyond my control and resulted in real hardship. However, I failed to think and act my way out of the situation; instead, I let the negative overwhelm me and became paralyzed. I didn't act because I couldn't see the positive and the possibilities. The pattern was despair --> indecision --> inaction --> stagnation. So throughout this time I stayed in place, straddled the fence on suicide much of the time, mulled over my options the rest, and instead of making progress, stagnated painfully in an easy, menial job that payed just enough for me to get by, missing crucial opportunities. After making some difficult changes I am now back in motion, but my mind keeps going back to all the wasted time and thinking how much further along I could be, how much more money I could have, etc. if I had made up my mind and gotten with it sooner. The particular job and investment opportunities I wanted, but thought I couldn't do, are now in all likelihood gone forever, and I will most likely have to watch those things go on without me. How do I glean the lessons of the past without dwelling on them? Is there some mental trick to just wiping these things out of your consciousness?