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  1. Mfi

    Taxation and public good

    But when has this ever happened?... a government telling its people to form their own? Successful secessions are usually demanded by the people themselves. States and the international system fights against such tendencies though, they always want to keep the status quo. Places like Somali land, western sahara, Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, tibet and until recently Palestine... remain unrecognized by many countries. Let alone refusing to pay tax, armed struggles are not sufficient enough to create independent states...
  2. Mfi

    Taxation and public good

    Do governments have the responsibility of providing public services for individuals or groups of people that do not pay tax/ do not want to pay tax? Could the famous slogan "No taxation without representation" be reversed and read as "no representation (and therefore provision of public good) with out taxation." There are certain communities in South East Asia and in Africa that are hard to 'govern' and therefore collect taxes from. Should government be accountable for not providing basic social services there? Or in cases where they pay to small... Does the government have a responsibility of raising funds from other places and meeting their needs?