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  1. He would be assassinated or overthrown immediately for this. Dictators never rule alone. There's always a powerful oligarchy lurking in the background.
  2. You haven't been dragged off to Mars against your will. There's just simply no way of going back at any time during your lifetime.
  3. @Eiuol Consider the equivalent scenario, except now you're on a one-way trip to Mars and there is no possibility of return whatsoever.
  4. No, they're just a less extreme example.
  5. That's not even an answer. Why is human dignity not worthy of being mentioned?
  6. Well no actually I am right. Factually right. In every place I've ever worked, in the employment contract, the company I worked for has reserved the right to change the terms of the contract unilaterally. They are only required to notify you of these changes and THAT'S IT.
  7. That's a cop out. As a part of a job, an employee is often required to attend seminars and engage in ridiculous activities in order to boost morale and promote "synergy".
  8. The same one you are, I suspect. I don't think I am conflating the two. I agree with both. What about healthcare? Surely, it is impossible for a seriously ill/injured person to survive on their own. Are doctors required to perform services for these patients even if they can't pay? I never made any such assumption, I just recognize (same as you), that there are some situations where a human can't realistically be expected to survive. I don't see why you think that someone can survive in the US (for example) if they remain unemployed for a long period of time. Also, whatever implications follow from your argument, the implications are there whether you intended them or not. That's how logic works.
  9. Ok, then what's wrong with making these underlying assumptions explicit. Isn't dignity one of these broad principles of fairness? Why not guarantee it explicitly in the constitution if that's the case?
  10. Ok, yes, but none of that is relevant to this discussion except for the bolded. Surely, one's dignity is something one acts to gain and/or keep.
  11. Well, yes there is a reason I think it should. And it's because I want to avoid easily avoidable humanitarian catastrophes like the one described in the OP. Your entrapment argument (and all similar arguments by other posters) is not convincing because it requires you to assume things not explicitly stated in the hypothetical. When you do that, you are not answering the original question, but a different one. You can rest assured that these degrading practices were adopted solely for the purpose of boosting management morale. There is no nefarious hidden purpose. Are you prepared to extend this same argument to all similar cases? In general, do you believe that those with ability should have to sustain those for whom survival through their own means is not possible? That doesn't sound like objectivism to me.
  12. Why not? Just because they fired you on a habitable portion of the surface of the Earth, does not mean that you can survive there. After all, just about everything is owned by somebody, so unless you're willing to steal, you can't survive without being employed. But until such a time as you find a new job, according to the same argument as you provide for the case of space, an employer should be required to cover your living expenses until you find a new job.
  13. You could say the same about being terminated from a job. Humans can't live without eating either. Are you going to require employers to provide terminated employees with food until they find a new job?
  14. Actually with regard to this and your previous comment, I am only interested in answers in terms of a rational law. I want to know if the government should be required to protect human dignity.
  15. This is not the same thing. Here we are talking about a price. And while it may be ridiculous to give up your house in an EULA it is equally ridiculous to allow someone to pay the price a service cost a week ago and get away with it.