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  1. Okay, I understand that completely, being a builder. Pretty basically put, it's an art like any other. The joy you would get from a job well done is equal across the board, despite some people not sharing said joy.
  2. I had meant more along the lines of less desirable than not wanted. But, that indeed does make sense, with nobody else to do the job, you would have the entire market cornered, thus allowing for large profit.
  3. Some of my friends that are open to objectivist ideals and I, like discussing the various facets of objectivism, but one topic we always come back to is a perfect society. But, no matter how in depth we get to it, we always get stuck on one point: in an objectivist society, what occurs with the jobs that are less desirable, like street sweeper, plumber and the like? I would expect someone would do it in addition to their main trade, whatever that may be, though it would be for payment.
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