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  1. EyeofCassandra

    Greetings from Argentina

    Greetings! It is always good to know new people are becoming interested in Objectivism. It is also cool to hear from someone from the land of Francisco D'Anconia!
  2. EyeofCassandra

    My First Blog Post

    If you are like most Americans you are hearing a cacophony of political arguments for and against women being forced to register for the draft. Nearly all of them center on one of a few key precepts. Should women be forced to register because men are? Should young girls (our daughters, our mothers, our sisters) be sacrificed to prove our “equality” or out of revenge for our refusal to be subservient in the culture or the home?If so, which of us needs to go? Should we sacrifice all women or “just the single and childless” ones? Or (as it has been argued) do our young men (our sons, our fathers, our brothers) bear this “responsibility” merely for the bad fortune of being born a male? The only argument you will NOT hear is the morally correct one: The answer is none of the above. It is profoundly immoral to seize ANYONE from their home, their family and their life and demand they give their life for the whim of a politician. It is disgusting, inhumane and an utter disgrace and dishonor to The Founders who voluntarily went into battle to build a nation on the belief that each individual had the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness-NOT that we had the “right” to be sacrificed equally at the altar of the state. I am not livestock. I was not born to be property. I am not here to be bred, corralled and butchered in service of the state. I am not here to be appraised at auction for my relative worth to someone else’s notion of the community or the common good. My body, my life and my will are my own and I refuse to be an object of sacrifice. The state does not own me. I do and I alone will choose when to give my life or end it. The mere fact that we as a people are willing to argue who should be maimed or sacrificed in the service of our government reveals what passes for “moral character” in our society. Apparently, it is not a question of whether a government designed to be a servant of its people (and not the other way around) has the right to demand the sacrifice of life. It is simply a question of who should go first! I vote that no one deserves this and I refuse to give my life for anyone’s values but my own. I will stand equally for the rights of any other woman or any man who feels the same. If that makes me a bad citizen or an enemy of the state so be it. My life and the lives of those I love are too valuable to trade for approval, convenience or sheets of paper. And ironically my own self-ownership is one thing I am more than willing to die for!
  3. Hello. I have knowingly been an Objectivist for about two years. I have UNknowingly been an Objectivist my entire life. I was amazed when I discovered the works of Ayn Rand and found out I was not alone in the universe. Since then I have been reading every book I can find. I am happy to know there are other people out there who study and believe in the philosophy. It has led me to incredible discoveries!