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  1. In my view, the protest vote is to vote Trump, because, 1., he'll be the runner up if he loses (such to waste one's vote, less ; ideologically: 'oh look, 80% of the electoral college went Clinton, and 20% went for "capitalism" [where scare quotes become ' ']), 2, the ObamaCare repeal & replace (the latter, replace, being better than what it once was, now improving on even the previous previous regime [political remedy, as opposed to too-quickly jurisprudentially striking down ObamaCare, as better than, strike-down, then, the court flips, and the precedent changes _the other way_ [towards evil]), 3. global boring 4. SCOTUS (which Cruz struck a deal over for his support [the short list]) 5. Israel. One has to suck it up when voting this way but, IMO, the fleeting self-defense built into one's vote, over the culture. I'm Aussie, I'm not feeling ObamaCare, I can't vote. But my guess is its cancer.
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