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  1. Maria Veronica

    Picking up a part time job to improve other skills

    I believe that the best way to improve yourself is by practicing, doing new things, and learning what are you weaknesses. There is the all saying "Practice makes perfect", well is created for a reason... because is true! If you have the time to have another job thinking that this will help you improve something you are not good at, then do it. Maybe at first it will be hard to take both jobs, but at the end it will be worth it!
  2. Maria Veronica

    Who was more unprofessional? Me or the employer?

    By definition professional ethics are the standards of personal and business behavior, values, and guiding principles. Reading your situation it takes me back to this definition, just because it is clear that his response to your action where professionally incorrect. First and foremost, not writing an email or calling to say that you were not interested was a flaw by your hand. We always need to remember, when entering a new job, going to an interview, or even having a casual business dinner first impressions are very important. Even if we do not get the job, we will never know if that person who is recruiting will help you in your future. Nevertheless, the words he wrote in his email were even worst. As a professional it is important the way we communicate and express our thoughts. Is clear to me that his response is not justified, but the reason he wrote to you could be understood. In conclusion, you have made a good decision by not letting this affect you and moving on. Also, writing an email apologizing was a great move, professionally and personally. Just learn and move one. Now you know what to do if the situation is repeated!
  3. Maria Veronica

    How should I measure my life?

    I love you idea for the essay! Nevertheless, i believe you can dig a little bit deeper... If you want to measure someones life use the number of years, days, hours, minutes and so on to calculate the time it has spent on earth. In addition, look for the number of people it has spoken to, the number of lives it has reached to, how many people it had made laugh or cry or made angry... Everyday we communicate, exchanging thoughts and ideas with who ever surrounds us. Also, calculate the numerous times the person has loved, hated, cried, cheered, misunderstood something or even hide their feelings... Life is something difficult to understand, it has a lot of sections that interrelate one another. So i believe it will be extremely hard to measure someones life, because there is more to it than what meets the eye.
  4. Maria Veronica

    Just a quick hello

    Hi everyone, my name is Maria. I am currently a senior at Business Administration School in the University of Puerto Rico. Part of an assignment in my Business Communication class was to enter a forum and become part of a discussion. So, i choose this forum because it shows a lot of contents and themes that are very interesting. I am excited to a part of Objectivism Online Forum. have a good one!