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  1. I've seen this time and time again (as an objectivist). It physically hurts to watch. 5 pages! This is to be ignored.
  2. Conspiracy Theories

    The burden of proof is on those that make a claim. Conspiracy theorists are psychologically the same as the religious. They both arbitrarily state "facts" based on no evidence and follow them blindly. At first, they may appear to come from the 'stupid' but this is not true. Many smart and intelligent religious and conspiracy theorists have existed and showing them the errors in their statements proves little-effect. I myself have in the past become trapped by a conspiracy theorist. They tend to use brainwashing techniques and artfully disguise it as 'explaining' which I was not wise to at the time. Although searching the web to prove their claims eventually debunked them. I have noticed that in history whenever a real conspiracy happens somebody always whistle-blows. I know technically this is impossible to prove but they happen extremely often. Take 9/11. Someone would have said something by now!
  3. Perception

    How can perception not be an axiom when it is the stimulus of epistemology. - http://www.importanceofphilosophy.com/Epistemology_Perception.html