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  1. Hi everyone, first post here and I imagine it won't be a hugely popular topic for various reasons: the genetic component of homosexuality is still debatable; there don't seem to be very many homosexual Objectivists; and conversion therapy is almost exclusively discussed elsewhere in a religious context. I'm mostly interested in hearing opinions on the topic, so my question then is this: How likely is it that a gay person might be able to change his/her sexual orientation? How would one go about this process? As a lesbian, I admittedly would prefer to be straight because I want to have a traditional family someday, and I sense that my homosexual inclinations are at least partially driven by my at-times difficult childhood. I believe my attraction to women is at least partially driven by automatized value judgements I made in my childhood as a means of compensating for adversarial circumstances at home (e.g. an emotionally unavailable mother), and I want to uproot these neurotic, reactionary thoughts. Also, dating other women is extremely difficult for me since the vast majority of gay women tend to be very left-leaning, plus I strongly dislike the identity politics and culture of polyamory that surround much of the "gay community," so it's hard to find a partner with similar values and a sense of life. Any thoughts?
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