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    I am a student of Physics and Mathematics. I love classical music, opera, and classic rock. As long as I can remember I've only wanted to be either a scientist or an architect.
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    I have subscribed to objectivism in some way since the first time I heard about it when I was 12. I've read all Rand's books (except "We The Living", I'll get around to it soon).

    My goal is to completely understand the reasoning of Objectivism so that I can judge it for myself; At this point in my life I do not, but I do judge it to be the only reasonable philosophy I've ever learned about.

    I go to a very liberal college, and I am constantly challenging my own views. I have not had the time or knowledge to consider and come to a conclusion about every dubious thought or piece of policy I hear espoused by those around me, and would like to discuss some of them here!
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    Theoretical Physicist

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