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  1. zimowars

    "I wish someone would shoot you"

    Why, thank you for the swift replies, fellows! I'm new around here, so I greatly appreciate it! I would not describe the person's phrasing as a threat either, just as disgusting and awfully mean-spirited. Being that none of my rights were violated as such, they are most certainly well within their rights to both have and express that opinion (this I don't think to be very controversial), I just don't know that given Twitter's guidelines that it is the appropriate platform to do so. Another thing that motivated me to report this particular individual is that I keep seeing Twitter itself applying their so-called "safety procedures" and rules very inconsistently, something I personally think they really had ought to work on. As for the legal issue, it was never really my intention to discuss this, though I can see how my phrasing might have given off that impression. Being that I live in Europe, FoS is a very important issue to me. Here we have all kinds of laws which prohibit certain types of quote unquote "hateful speech" (which occasionally extends to certain kinds of non-aggressive behavior), which I always found to be utterly ridiculous for a number reasons (see for instance the story of a scot who was arrested after having taught his dog to preform nazi salutes on command as a joke). Thanks again!
  2. zimowars

    "I wish someone would shoot you"

    In the event that someone were to genuinely profess "I wish someone would shoot you", and or "I hope someone puts a bullet in your head", that is to say, that they are outright telling you to your face that they would seriously abet or approve of your murder, are they within their right to say so, and what would you argue is the appropriate, objective response to it? Would you say that this counts as harassment that warrants reporting someone? edit: I realize in hindsight that my question is all too broad; I should specify that I am specifically talking about interaction occurring on a social networking site, such as Twitter. If you were to report someone for saying this, filing it under harassment, would that be considered an infringement of his freedom of speech?