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  1. i agreed light is a visible part but it also have a invisible part. see in light photon is an object which travel at speed of light define in the world but that object is move at that speed due to energy in photon and photon does not allow to them to release that energy in it. photon bound that energy in itself. one thing is here the speed of light is actually depend on photon energy at the speed of light photon does not allow to move more then at S.O.L because it a breaking point for photon and it maintain it continuously if it will break the photon is vanish light get speed more then S.O.L (speed of light )which is last define but it cant see so we cant proof till. IF it will see so it means the actual speed of light is 2 * (S.O.L) i definitely sure it will and i try to see possible by good proof which clear all contains of it THE question is this 1. what is the frequency of that light which is become invisible 2. how to break the photon energy and etc.