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    I am from Belgian who is interested in Ayn Rands' work
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    I read Atlas shrugged and practicly saw all Ayn Rand related youtube videos.
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    I am a computer engineer
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  1. I cannot really find a quote about "succesful" by AR, but in Atlas shrugged, it is clear that AR portraits the entrepreneurs that are succesfull in selling goods/services (like Rearden) as heroes. Hence, I conclude that being succesful (in the Rearden way) is one of the virtues that AR wants us to pursue. If you think I make the wrong conclusion here, then I will be very happy to hear what the members of this forum have to say about that. In daily life I often see succesful people ( in stealing, become rich no matter what, in short, the Jim Taggart-type of entrepreneurs) behave arrogantly. Thanks to AR I can put their arrogancy into perspective and dont get frustrated by them. But in daily life , I also often see succesful Rearden-type of enterpreneurs behave arrogantly. Examples are friends I know from college, that have setup very succesful busines, and sort of look down on me, bcs they perform better then I do. I do understand that if you setup a good business, you can be proud of that, but when it is accompanied with looking down to other people, I cannot put that in perspective as I can do with Jim Taggarts-type of entrepreneurs. Do you have some advice ?
  2. According to Ayn Rand, being succesful is one the greatest virtues man should pursue. It happens very often that succesful people are arrogant towards you. Lots (not all) succesful people think : I am more succesful then you are, hence I feel myself more valuable then you are. It is very annoying when somebody treats you arrogantly. Although, I am fully aware that succesful people are valuable to everybody on this planet, I do not feel very well when they sort of "boast" with their succes. Hence, my question : How to deal with arrogant succesful people ?