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    The only bit of her nonfiction I'm aware of is The Virtue of Selfishness, but I will do some doing and see what else is out there. I have a copy of her letters. What I took from Thoreau was a belief in self reliance, and a conviction ("On Civil Disobedience") that one should do what is right, as opposed to what society expects. Gandhi reinforced those; self-reliance was part of his platform, and his code of nonviolence made me think about the use of force for the first time. I embraced freethought back in 2006, although the practice took me away from other 'rationalists' who followed the progressive party line on various issues. Reading The Fountainhead has made me aware of a core problem with that community, as well as others...they are all obsessed with the opinions of others. Thank you. I must say, the background here is especially pleasing, this image of a city at dawn..
  2. Greetings, all. I am relatively new to Rand and Objectivism, having read Anthem a couple of years ago and The Fountainhead only the day before yesterday. I have been progressing toward this area of thought for a few years, after learning to reject state economies in favor of markets, and after developing via Thoreau, Gandhi, and the Stoics a moral code that is virtually identical to the libertarian nonaggression principle. I used to find some meaning in being a "Humanist", but it's been years, and I only mention it here because Rand's book brought back the spirited optimism I used to have before working with the public ground it out of me. But I digress! Anyhoo, I'm here to learn more.