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  1. It says introduce myself, so my name is Zach. I'll briefly go over why and how I stumbled upon this forum. In 10th grade, my English teacher thought me for an idiot because I had absolutely no interest in any kind of literature, and she thought I had trouble reading or sonething like that, despite obtaining maximum scores on AP Calculus exams that year and the years following. So she gave me a small book as a personal assignment, Anthem. I read it that night, and I was amazed that I had enjoyed and agreed with the author of this book, who I had never heard of. The next day I asked her for every book she had by the author, so I read We the Living next, which instilled in me my current political stance opposing socialism and things like that. Then Fountainhead, followed immediately by Atlas Shrugged, which changed my life, so I thought. Fast forward a few years. I had joined the US Air Force, and was extremely good at my job in the intelligence and surveillence field. I ended up getting into some trouble, getting discharged, and going to jail for a brief period of time, but I'll spare you those details. Here I am now, after being lost for awhile, moving to someplace I had never been before, knowing no one, and looking for a job. I picked up Atlas Shrugged this morning and began rereading again, and its given me a new ambition. A new love for this philosophy, and this mentality, that I'm sure you all share in. I went out and I have multiple job interviews Monday and Tuesday at places that I didn't think would give me a first glance because of my past, let alone a second glance. I looked for a forum to keep myself interested, to keep learning, and maybe share some of my experiences and thoughts. Excited to meet you all. Sorry for not being breif lol