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    I have been an Objectivist for three years. I have read Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, Anthem, We the Living, most of Ayn Rand's non-fiction books, and Introduction to Objectivism by Leonard Peikoff.
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    Music, engineering, philosophy
  1. LIG The album cover was made by me. I made all of the instrumentals on this album. I take full credit for all of the vocals on this album. There is an Objectivist-theme within my lyrics. I will post the links to my album at the bottom of this post. A few underlying references to Rand's philosophy on the album: "Dealing with matters of atom and matter, start at metaphysics . . . Existence is without a limit, keeping your principles rigid" - Vitality "Do not lose hold of your focus / mental stagnation is hopeless" - Vitality "Thought so persistent, calling it the intuition / Clarify all of this before nostalgia hits: mental cognition" - Vitality "A valuable lesson from reason, I mean it" - Zenith "I think that if you reinvent your mindset and become more rational you will be better off" - World Revolver "My soul is a vacuum / it's absorbing all my values" - Ravenous Soul "Maybe once the album dips, intellect activist" - Ravenous Soul "You have to remain devoted / to all the things you have rationally chosen" - Mural. Girl "Uplift the broke soul with conscious identity / entities develop mental integrity, it's a necessity" - Mural. Girl "I don't mean be snobbish, I mean use your logic / we are atomic(s) with options" - Mural. Girl "The root of achievement is becoming aware of things that you value in life" - Satellites "The proper extension of living so plentiful starts off with selfish expression" - Satellites "Explanations are too infinite; just like the universe that we are living in" - Satellites "Your rationality is a necessity . . . you can expand your awareness, no mental energy makes things careless" - Eudaimonia "If you use logic you will become broad" - Logical "I think I think every problem through" - Logical "By selling your soul, acting irrational just to get gold / depression once you get old, or happiness if you're bold" - Logical "I do not care about sadness / whatever happens will happen, study Atlantis" - Colosseum "Think about cognitive faculty . . . studying different creations will raise internal motivation, actually" - Galaxies "I do decide to not compromise" - Galaxies "Think about cognitive faculty, making sense of this morality" - Faculty "You should focus on reality, stop those calamities" - Faculty "Have a rendezvous with cognition / no point to sit while reminiscing / I just love all of this profound existence" - Piranha "Decades of pure rationality . . . someday this could be a masterpiece" - Piranha SoundCloud: Bandcamp: https://richardk.bandcamp.com/album/lig YouTube:
  2. Pryluss


    Bla I take no credit for the instrumental aspect of the album. I do, however, take full credit for all of the vocals provided on the album including the lyrics involved (you will hear an Objectivist-themed message in the lyrics). Instead of only rapping to hip-hop instrumentals, I provided vocals to instrumental math rock bands that I enjoy listening to as well (with thanks to Scale the Summit for giving me permission to release what I dubbed to be 'Streets'). A few underlying references to Rand's philosophy on the album: "Swimming through an open mountain; hope to find a golden Fountainhead; architect, don't push me off the edge." - Palisades! "Got wisdom like a Randist; you say I'm in a cult, well I say that it's your fault. Everybody shouldn't be immoral as adults." - Days "You're Ellsworth Toohey; I'm Juan Pabla." - Blonde "Well you're anti-reason . . . so float the boat. No amigo. Where's the ego? People, people. Calling it the evil." - Go "Call me the new philosopher." - Let's Kickbox! "If it's Ego then that's my talk." - Streets soundcloud.com/richardkoshorek/sets/bla
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