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  1. 19th century: Alexander Dumas (e.g. Count of Monte Cristo) Mark Twain Harry Beecher Stowe (Uncle Tom's Cabin) Nathaniel Hawthorn
  2. Could you clarify...what would you call them? What choices are you thinking of here?
  3. If Ethics brought you to Objectivism, the "Virtue of Selfishness" (VoS) would seem like a good place to go next. However, I would echo Reidy and suggest you read fiction first, at least The Fountainhead. My sense is that reading Fountainhead before Virtue of Selfishness allows the book to function a bit more like fiction is supposed to, whereas reading VoS right before The Fountainhead can remove some of the mystery and discovery that a reader feels as the plot unfolds.
  4. I don't get that from reading his manifesto.
  5. Opening paragraph from the murderer's manifesto: "In general, I support the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto. This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion. Some people will think this statement is hypocritical because of the nearly complete ethnic and cultural destruction brought to the Native Americans by our European ancestors, but this just reinforces my point. The natives didn’t take the invasion of Europeans seriously, and now what’s left is just a shadow of what was. My motives for this attack are not at all personal. Actually the Hispanic community was not my target before I read The Great Replacement. This manifesto will cover the political and economic reasons behind the attack, my gear, my expectations of what response this will generate and my personal motivations and thoughts." PDF (will auto-delete in 2 weeks)
  6. There are some older topics on the forum:
  7. Here's a list of virtues, according to Rand. it starts with the shortest summary, from Rand's short essay on Objectivist Ethics, published in "The Virtue of Selfishness": "The three cardinal values of the Objectivist ethics ... are: Reason, Purpose, Self-esteem, with their three corresponding virtues: Rationality, Productiveness, Pride."
  8. Why are you linking to Islamic Dua page? Are you a sophisticated advertising bot?
  9. I've got my popcorn ready to see what crap you come up with.
  10. So, it sounds like your parents think you're gay, or think you may be gay. If you confirm that you are gay, what do you anticipate their reaction will be?
  11. Like he'd get away with that. It's like the folk who want to introduce a Federal Sales tax saying that it will replace the income tax.Not being rationalists, we know it's saddle us with both. Yang wants both... a sales tax (VAT) and universal basic income. It'll be a disaster.
  12. Even though the OP has gone silent, i wanted to add to my previous post. Not only can one not find a CPL by chasing it in the abstract, but doing so can be positively destructive. Instead of the classic case where your parents force you to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer from too young an age... it can easily become you, doing the similar thing to yourself. This is true even it you push yourself into a non-traditional, "live poor forever" artistic profession, in cases where you might really take years to realize (or never realize) that you only ought to have dabbled, as a hobby.
  13. Well, we still have the foundational questions: what are rights? why do we recognize them ... indeed, pretty much create them. And why we should allow equal rights to all ... which of course we do not do, because we do make exceptions and draw specific lines around specific humans... and those exceptions and delineations are objectively justifiable by the very nature of rights, and by their very purpose.
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