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  1. softwareNerd

    A Handmaid's Tale (2017 Series)

    Setting stories in some dystopian future is way more prevalent than setting them in some utopia. Quite often the ones that look like they're set in a utopia, are trying to show the negatives of that set-up. I'm willing to bet there's a good reason writers favor dystopias. Why do you like these stories?
  2. softwareNerd

    Are Pick Up Artists Legitimate Artists?

    Merriam Webster 1. skill acquired by experience, study, or observation the art of making friends 2. a branch of learning: (1) : one of the humanities (2) arts plural : liberal arts 3. an occupation requiring knowledge or skill the art of organ building 4. the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects the art of painting landscapes; also work so produced 5. (archaic) a skillful plan 6. decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter
  3. softwareNerd

    Potential rights... abortion vs. comas etc.

    Apart from nominating a person to make decisions for you, you can also list criteria, considerations and preferences. Of course, someone still has to interpret those, in a given context, but it can help making your own views clearer to the decision-maker. Possibly, such instructions could make certain decisions illegal (with a judge/jury deciding intent). There'll always be situations when there are no instructions and no person nominated. It becomes a tough situation. One might think that close family -- a spouse or parent -- know the person's will the best, and have their best interests at heart. In reality, there are all sorts of situations where that is not true.
  4. softwareNerd

    Are Pick Up Artists Legitimate Artists?

    The word "art" is used in different senses. For me, the top Google prompts, for instance... "the art of...war", "the art of...shaving", "the art of manliness", "the art of the deal"
  5. softwareNerd

    Quick Question: What time period was America at it's Best?

    You cannot analyse Trump's language in this way. I doubt he has a very informed view about the various phases of American history. He detects the emotion of his audience and knows how to reflect the right attitude back. He's reflecting a feeling, among a large number of voters, that things are not right. If they aren't right, but they used to be...that means we must "make America great again". Similarly, the typical Trump voter does not have a precise view about the best period in America, or even something like "three best phases". They think of it more generically: that things aren't going the way I thought they would; things are worse than I thought they would be; therefore... they should be better. Since the voter based earlier expectations on something, they want that back. The essential fact is: post-Great Recession has seen middle and lower class stagnation. "Make America Great Again" just means "stop this stagnation". Mexicans, Muslims and Indian programmers are convenient scapegoats, but the essential issue is an underlying feeling of dejection because they were living a lie and the lie is revealed, and the Democrats are telling them that the answer is more of the same, while Trump is pointing out specific scapegoats and saying he'll make America great again.
  6. softwareNerd

    Coercive School Photos

    If photographers asked whether parents want photos, for price $ XYZ, they would get less revenue. That's the basic assumption under which they operate. Photographers used to do this at certain tourist destinations too -- though, for the past many years they have not needed to print them out. So, they send them home, assuming that parents will go mushy seeing their kid's photo, and will buy. Very often, the school -- usually the P.T.A. has a motivation too. Since many photographers would like to get this business, the P.T.A. will sometimes do a deal with one of them, and get something from the photographer in exchange. I think a lot of parents buy them because it's a tradition that they had when they were kids. We never bought these for our kid -- maybe the first time, and not after that (memory fades). I think our school asked parents to sign releases, and (presumably, because I always gave permission) kids photos would not appear -even in the year-book as part of a group -- if permission was not granted.
  7. softwareNerd

    Coercive School Photos

    If I remember right, our school would usually send a note beforehand, telling parents that a certain day was picture day. The idea being that the kids should dress accordingly. The main thing you're going to address here is your son's embarrassment at not doing what his classmates are doing,.
  8. From anecdotal evidence there seem to be just as many homosexual Objectivists as any other random cohort. In fact, years ago I found it curious that there was such a high proportion of Objectivists who are homosexual, but I then realized that my interactions with Objectivists are online and I am probably underestimating the number of non-Objectivist homosexual folk I interact with everyday. Can't comment on female homosexual Objectivists, because the sample-size is pretty low. Though, I can;t imagine why that would be any different. Not a topic I've read much about, but it think there's a degree of fluidity in sexuality/sexual-preference. However, that doesn't imply that one should change what comes "naturally". I don't see whether it matters much whether "naturally" means "I'm born that way" or if it means "I made early-life preferences that are deeply ingrained". Nor does fluidity imply that other options will give one the same value as what comes "naturally". Introspecting, I don't know if I would want to change my sexuality so that I can target a cohort that has better political views; but, it's hard to put oneself in someone else's shoes. Seems to be a a tough decision, even if it turns out to be possible in the first place. BTW: There are flags in your post that say "troll". Just thought I'd mention that.
  9. softwareNerd

    Greetings from New York

    Welcome to ObjectivismOnline
  10. softwareNerd

    Why follow reason?

    Formally, it is redundant to ask "why be rational", since the question assumes it is.
  11. softwareNerd

    Why follow reason?

    No, of course it does not. Given your posts, I find it implausible that you would think it does have a clear meaning. Sounds like you're into polemic. If so, it's hardly likely to get answers; though, it might well confirm your suspicions, lol!
  12. softwareNerd

    Why follow reason?

    It feels cool.
  13. softwareNerd

    Greetings from Rust Belt Hell, USA

    Do you mean you believe in the existence of God, but not necessarily the Christian etc. description of such a God? Not sure what you mean by "mad at God". Yes, there's no contradiction there. The essence of Capitalism is the high degree freedom to do things you want (aka, "pursue your happiness"). Stuff can help make one's life comfortable, but stuff is a means to an end; and stuff won't buy one happiness -- not in your typical case of middle-class (or above) living.
  14. softwareNerd

    Greetings from Rust Belt Hell, USA

    Welcome to the forum. I'm curious: if you have not read anything of Rand's yet, what got you interested in the first place?
  15. The key lesson Objectivism gives me is that I should prioritize creating a better life for myself much higher than creating a better world. And, creating a better world is a priority only to the extent that it creates a better life for myself. The "mystics and collectivists" create the laws and culture. So, of course it has an impact on us. Nevertheless, certain aspects impact certain people. A law denying a person access to try a new drug (the topic of the OP) impacts that person, but does not impact many others in the same, direct way. I should be concerned too, because I could need some such medicine tomorrow; but, I cannot be concerned in the same way as someone who is actually suffering from some illness. The impact on their life is way more than it is on mine. One needs a hierarchy of concerns. Of all the bad cultural and legal things in our world, some are more direct concerns while others are more remote. Of the direct ones, some may be annoyances, while others may be major. Some may cost you a bit of extra time and money, others may cost you a lot. How do you live in a irrational world? You start by understanding that hierarchy of concerns and figuring out what's really important to you. Then, you come up with plans to manage around the high impact ones. Sometimes, that's not possible. For example, if you're thrown in jail under some bad law, you may not have any good solution. Or if, like the OP, you are denied an important treatment, you may have to spend a lot of time and money flying abroad to get it. So, yes: sometimes the bad culture or laws will be a huge barrier. There are so many girls in Saudi Arabia who would love to be free to get out of the situation they find themselves in: about to be married to a cousin who is a strict Muslim, while they themselves are not; to someone who will not allow them to work or drive -- and the law won't give them recourse. Where they will be stopped at the airport if they try to leave and other countries won;t accept them if they manage to get out anyway. A whole lot of people, all over the world, face huge constraints on their freedom of action. Still, if one lives in any of the relatively modern countries in Europe or Asia, one has a lot of freedom of action, unless one hits a specific situation like the OP did.