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  1. Invictus2017

    Heirs to dictatorships

    "The moral is the practical" and, conversely, what is not practical is not moral. What cannot be done in practice cannot be required in principle.
  2. Invictus2017

    Heirs to dictatorships

    Not necessarily. Responsibility depends on a mental state, not on physical accident. If the car rolled because you were negligent or deliberately set it in motion, you are responsible. But not if, say, the brakes failed due to a manufacturing defect (in a new car) or because someone else disengaged the brakes. Note also that "mixing labor with land" is not what makes ownership of or responsibility for land, but that's not a discussion I want to spend time on right now.
  3. I'm not going to debate America's military; I'm too busy. I will note, however, that rational people can disagree over whether a particular entity is a threat.
  4. Invictus2017

    Heirs to dictatorships

    "Justice" is not a floating abstraction, any more than "should" is. Among other things, there is no moral requirement (and thus no political requirement) that every injustice be fixed. But the treatment of "justice" as a floating abstraction does allow the absurdity of imagining that justice can be done by stealing from one person that which he has earned to give to another person that which he has not earned on the ground that the second person's parents were deprived of what was rightfully theirs by someone who is long dead.
  5. Invictus2017

    Heirs to dictatorships

    More or less. Note that precisely the same harm could have happened from an undetected sinkhole. When you claim unowned land, it's on you to check it out before putting it to use.
  6. Invictus2017

    Heirs to dictatorships

    I forgot to add: civil forfeiture, wherein the government steals your property on the ground that it might have been involved in a crime -- prior to any proof that the crime even happened.
  7. Your right to self defense kicks in at the instant someone forms the intention to use force against you. However, you may only act in self-defense once you have sufficient evidence that the intention exists. You might make your inference from a persons actions, from his words, or even his body language. But it must be a rational inference, not "I hate his words and I take them as a threat" or some such excuse.
  8. Invictus2017

    Heirs to dictatorships

    Can you elaborate? No need to; I had already said everything relevant to your example.
  9. Invictus2017

    Heirs to dictatorships

    "one-party rule" There are two parties in name, but they're differentiable only by exactly which rights they want to violate wholesale. The "one party" is the political class, which rules for its own benefit. "executions without trial or with a mock trial, for political offenses" Drone strikes, done to American citizens, without any attempt at arrest or trial. Murder done by cops for such "crimes" as "driving while Black". Executions done "to uphold the law" when there is real evidence of the prisoner's innocence. (Read Herrera v. Collins and be chilled.) "the nationalization or expropriation of private property" Kelo, anyone? Pretty much the entire medical profession, under Obamacare? "and censorship" That thing sometimes called FOSTA, sometimes called SESTA. Campaign finance laws. "A country guilty of these outrages forfeits any moral prerogatives, any claim to national rights or sovereignty, and becomes an outlaw." America is not a conventional dictatorship, but only because its ruling class realizes that it can gain more power and treasure by allowing a measure of "freedom". But it is not real freedom -- it can be abrogated almost at will by the government -- and its presence does not save America from the charge of tyranny.
  10. Invictus2017

    Heirs to dictatorships

    What rights of the descendants were violated? What force was used against them? Answer that, and you can answer your own question. But it is an error to start with an ungrounded "should" question.
  11. Invictus2017

    Ethics and Nature

    Read some of Branden's work before discussing self-esteem. It'll save much wasted effort.
  12. Only a physical action can be force. Thus, no matter how strongly I may express my negative views of a person, or what that person feels about my expression, there is no force unless I have initiated (engaged my volition to cause) a physical action that constitutes force. And yet, isn't any ethics based on that? No. In fact, most ethics are not based on that. Even in Christianity where, for example, it is assumed that what people deserve is everlasting Hell.
  13. Invictus2017

    A Short Discussion On Ethics

    I read it a looong time ago and forgot about it, but I just reread it. I agree with essentially all of it. Anyway, there she discusses a third "official" context, that of living in a welfare state. But today, we really need to talk about living under tyranny, because that's what we now have.
  14. Invictus2017

    Heirs to dictatorships

  15. Invictus2017

    Heirs to dictatorships

    I suspect that there's a whole thread on pretty much any subject that might come up.