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  1. As a computer programmer, one of my favorite tasks was to take someone's code and clean it up, removing extranea, adding comments, improving the code's performance and functionality, and making it conform to relevant standards.  It was not uncommon for me to cut the size of the program, its resource use, and running time  in half, while swatting numerous known or potential bugs.

    Today, I have begun the equivalent on Rand's "The Objectivist Ethics".  My immediate task is to remove all the stuff that isn't really a part of the ethics itself, such as her numerous attacks on other ethical systems.  Very little of that is of importance to someone trying to understand the Objectivist ethics, however important it might be to motivate someone to make the effort.

    1. StrictlyLogical


      Interesting idea.  Careful though, her attacks on other ethical systems also include important information for understanding what her ethics is not, and what approaches she holds as flawed and why etc.  In general if the particulars can be teased apart from the relevance they have to what she is illustrating then a more succinct summary could emerge.  So good luck!