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  1. From the Ayn Rand Lexicon: A unit is an existent regarded as a separate member of a group of two or more similar members.
  2. It might be worth noting that I can't lose weight just by willing myself to lose weight. I may be able to lose weight over a period of time by a program of diet and/or exercise, but not just by willing it.
  3. To what extent should chronological age be the criterion for classifying someone as old-old, young-old, or whatever? Reminds me of a family anecdote. When my parents were in their 20's my Mom described someone as middle-aged. My Dad asked her to judge the man's chronological age. He was probably in his 30's. They decided right then that a middle-aged person is anyone 10 years older than you are.
  4. Sure, we're all going to die, but we all have lives to live until that happens, and it's our lives that are important and meaningful. It doesn't matter how little effect we can have on the surface of the planet Jupiter or on even more distant places, or how many of such places there are, or how big they are. What matters is what effect we can have on our own lives.
  5. Thank you for the helpful information and advice.
  6. I sometimes get solicitations encouraging me to buy gold and/or silver as a hedge against economic uncertainty and volatility. What do you think?
  7. Gut reaction to that last food for thought: How would a romantic relationship fit in to that?
  8. For a thorough answer here we need to begin by explaining how we form the concepts "if" and "then".
  9. I took a quick peek at the link and got the answer to my first question. Macken definitely talks about quantum phenomena. In addition, he says "However, even quantum mechanics does not give a precise description of the properties of the energetic vacuum on the scale of Planck length (~10-35 m). Characterizing the vacuum on this scale is required to show how 4 dimensional spacetime can be the single component building block of everything in the universe." I haven't dug any deeper yet.
  10. Reminds me of an anecdote I heard but can't verify, which was disbelieved by one person I shared it with. A researcher needed some radioactive materials. If delivered too soon they would decay to uselessness before they could be used, so the researcher specified no earlier than a certain date. A secretary changed that to no later than the specified date. They arrived right away, making them useless. The disbelieving person was a secretary who said no secretary would make such a change without asking the person who put in the request.
  11. The secret valley was a private club, not a nation.
  12. That's for citizenship, which is a different question. The government owns a lot more property than it should, and therefore should exercise restraint in how it runs that property.
  13. Obviously. I was trying to clarify the concepts of subconscious and nonconscious, and in particular the distinction between them and whether any other categories needed to be added, by asking which category the subliminal effect fit under.
  14. In my experiences with S-E-X subliminals, the women were not naked or sexually suggestive. One was a businesswoman, dressed as such, in her office. There was no perceptible delay and no conscious thought between first seeing the picture and experiencing the arousal. Presumably I was not even consciously aware of it, let alone focused on it. I had to look for it to find it. I was not aroused by the sexy picture someone posted one time, with the comment to the effect that we can't tell whether she's sexy without knowing about her character. (I think it was an old post on a necro'd thread.) My question was whether the seemingly instantaneous process of becoming aroused, which must have been triggered by the word in the hair, was subconscious, nonconscious, or what.
  15. On multiple occasions I have looked at a photograph of a woman, been sexually aroused by it, then looked closer and seen that it had been retouched so that some of the strands of hair spelled S-E-X. Once I became conscious of this, the sexual arousal went away. How does this sort of subliminal effect fit in with what is being said about subconscious and nonconscious?
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