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  1. The government still wouldn't have the right to impose such restrictions itself. Government is a much greater threat to freedom of movement that a hypothetical banding together of all property owners. What about the right of free access to and from one's own property?
  2. When government manages property or something like property, then regardless of the rights and wrongs of that underlying situation, it should do so in a way that respects rights as much as possible, including the right to freedom of movement.
  3. You've made a good point about the stagnation argument. If I somehow managed to live for a million years, how much would the me of a million years from now have in common with the me now? How much would the me of a million years from now even remember about the me now?
  4. One counterargument mode by some science fiction stories is that it would cause things to stagnate. I'm skeptical of this counterargument, but uncertain.
  5. One possible approach here would be to let everybody in, but document them. On the other hand, a person can start out with an extensive paper trail and human record and then drop off the grid and become untraceable.
  6. Should we be suspicious of people who held gold when it was illegal? Long ago I smoked a marijuana cigarette to see what all the fuss was about. Does this make me likely to violate rights? The reason we have so many people entering the country illegally is that we have arbitrary, unjust laws limiting how many people can enter from what country. Racism played a role in motivating such laws.
  7. I remember suggesting to my freshman roommate that the reason there were so many weird fundamental particles was that God was a practical joker and kept throwing weird things into the detectors.
  8. We need to distinguish letting people enter the country and letting them be citizens.
  9. I'm guessing this refers to cursive characters, not print ones. Can you provide a link or other way of seeing David Hayes's illustration?
  10. What do unobserved quantum waves wave through? What does frequency mean in this context, and why is it called frequency? How does a detector change a non-physical entity not using spacetime to a physical entity using spacetime?
  11. The first three words of Pittsburghjoe's most recent post are . So my question stands.
  12. What, exactly, does frequency mean if time doesn't pass?
  13. How does the Schroedinger equation fit into what you're saying?
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