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  1. Doug Morris

    Good 2 Person Board Games

    There's something called the infinite board game which is a set of equipment with which you can play many different games. It comes with a booklet describing a number of them, and there are sources of info about more, or you could make up your own. If you are willing to consider card games, you might see if you can find a copy of Abbott's New Card Games, which contains very original games invented by the author. There are eight card games, some of which work for two people or are even designed that way, and one game called Ultima which is played with a chess set.
  2. Doug Morris

    The Case for Open Objectivism

    Was this meant to counter my quoted point? As a stand alone scenario I would say the property owners would try to use the government to get them to move elsewhere. Arresting and jailing them all would likely cause an undue tax burden on the system, especially if their population is ever increasing. If the government failed to effectively deal with the problem, the property owners would likely decide to move elsewhere if the problem gets out of hand. Kind of what you're seeing in certain parts of California right now. The point I was making was that there was not as much difference in principle between Africans and homeless people as you were implying, and that a drastic increase in the numbers of either here would probably mean that at least some of them were committing violations of property rights that could be addressed as such.
  3. Doug Morris

    Immigration restrictions

  4. Doug Morris

    The Case for Open Objectivism

    If something is going on at my house that physically threatens or harms you, your family, your guests, or your property, you have the right to call the police on me. You do not have the right to impose any prior restraint on whom I invite into my house unless it is a known wanted fugitive.
  5. Doug Morris

    The Case for Open Objectivism

    You didn't mention letting people stay here indefinitely without granting them citizenship. In fact, anyone should be permitted not only to enter the country but to stay here a long as they see fit, as long as they are not convicted of a felony. This is entirely different from citizenship and voting
  6. Doug Morris

    The Case for Open Objectivism

    The racial situation in America, including race consciousness, started with black slavery and continued with white supremacism and Jim Crow. It's taking us a long time to recover from those evils. Bad philosophy and its fruits have done a lot to worsen the situation and delay the recovery. Right. We have a lot of convincing to do, starting on a more fundamental level. But we can't hope to succeed at this if we don't clearly understand the truth ourselves. We shouldn't worry about the ethnic composition of the country. We should worry about how well people understand basic principles. I don't support rape on an individual level or a group level so the individuals or groups of individuals that are committing these rapes, wherever they are (on campus, off campus, etc) should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Do we need to do anything about some groups sharing and reinforcing ideas that encourage rape? I don't mean treating them as criminals because of their ideas. Do we need to use any techniques of persuasion that take into account the existence of a subculture? Do colleges need to have policies addressing the matter? If they have a moral right to access then you can't deny them access. Their rights would equal those of homeless American citizens who also have a right to live within the US even though they do not own any property. If you make something a moral right you can't use practical concerns to reign in those rights. If the number of homeless people in the United States drastically increases, where exactly would they go? No private property owner would have to let them onto his or her property. Even owners who were willing to accept some of them would probably have a limit to how many they would accept. If they are squatting on or clogging government property, the government would have the right to require them to leave. This might mean arresting and jailing them for trespassing, especially if there is no other place for them to go.
  7. Doug Morris


    I used the word "scriptuarian" according to what a lecture in a history class once said it meant. I checked on Wikipedia. According to what I found there, I would have done better to say "Abrahamists".
  8. Doug Morris

    The Case for Open Objectivism

    Azrael Rand: You speak of "national self-interest". What is important is individual self-interest. You have made it clear that you think our self-interest requires restrictions on immigration and letting race be a consideration in setting public policy. But I don't see how you have proven this. You have not sufficiently considered the point that we must think of people and treat them as individuals, not as members of collectives, whether defined racially or otherwise. When I spoke of rape culture I did not mean in the whole society or a whole university. I was speaking of what might be called a subculture, a cultural attitude that seems to exist among some American male college students that encourages rape. If one-fifth of Africa's population (about a quarter of a billion people) decide to enter the United States in the next year or so, where exactly would they go? No private property owner would have to let them onto his or her property. Even owners who were willing to accept some of them would probably have a limit to how many they would accept. If they are squatting on or clogging government property, the government would have the right to require them to leave, and if there is no place here for them to go, that would mean sending them back.
  9. Doug Morris

    The Case for Open Objectivism

    Azrael Rand, We should respect everyone's rights even if this requires more work to deal with differences among people. If another country is following a rights-violating policy, that does not necessarily call for drastic action on our part. One way we may be able to influence other countries is to set a good example ourselves. We should focus on individual rights, not on trying to engineer other countries. It's not clear to me what you're saying about a rape culture among some male American college students. Are you saying there is no such thing? Are you saying it's OK if there is, we just need to understand it and work with it? Please clarify.
  10. Doug Morris

    Other forums on the web

    I saw this on Rebirth of Reason. Objectivist Voices Toastmasters Club #711792 Objectivist Voices is a virtual club that is being formed to create a forum for Objectivists who are Toastmasters. The goal is to practice presenting philosophical ideas with a supportive audience, who can give constructive feedback on both style and content. The club is open to those interested in spreading Objectivism. At present, the club is restricted to those who are or have been members of another Toastmasters club. Overview Mission Objectivist Voices is a club for individuals seriously interested in Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. The foundation of the club is the proven Toastmasters system for developing communication and leadership skills in a supportive learning environment. In addition, our meetings include a segment on the principles and practices of constructive discussion from an Objectivist perspective. The goal of our members is to speak Objectivism to the world. Details Objectivist Voices will meet twice a month on the first and third Sundays at 2:00 PM Eastern for 1 1/2 hours. The club will launch November 4, 2018. Dues will be $50 for 6 months. $45 goes to Toastmasters International (TMI). To launch our club, we are looking for 20 experienced Toastmasters who are Objectivists interested in joining this online Toastmasters club. Next Steps for those wishing to be Charter Members Contact Information If you have questions, feel free to reach out to the organizers: Jean Moroney [email protected] 212-972-9495 Ilene Skeen [email protected] Charter Membership Application If you are interested in joining, please fill out the membership application here: http://www.tofpublications.com/Charter_Member_Application_ObjVoices.pdf IMPORTANT: Credit Card payment is preferred. At present we are only taking the charter member dues of $45, payable to Toastmasters International. If at all possible, please pay this by credit card using the appropriate entry on the form. If this is not possible, please contact Jean Moroney to arrange payment IMPORTANT: Membership Information: At present, we are only accepting dual or reinstated members. Please include your member number on the form. Your member number is on the address label of your Toastmasters Magazine. If you do not have your member number, please include as much information as possible about the club you are/were a member of. For long-lapsed members, include the dates in which you were a member, the name of the club, the city of the club, and your name at the time of membership (if it has changed). Thank you! The form can be faxed or emailed back to Jean Moroney at: Fax: 917-599-0478 Email: [email protected] Basic Club Information As you can tell from this minimalist website, we try to run the club with the minimum of effort. Here's what you need to know: Virtual Location: We meet using Zoom. Call-in information will be sent to members and guests. Meeting Time: 1st & 3rd Sundays 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. Eastern US Time To attend as a guest: You must RSVP by the previous Saturday at 5:00 p.m. For more information, contact: Jean Moroney [email protected] Upcoming Meeting Dates: November 4 & 18, 2018 December 2 & 16, 2018 Dues: Charter dues are $45 for all charter members, payable to Toastmasters International. In addition, club dues are $5.00 per six months. Memberships renew April 1 and October 1. After the charter period, when you join, you pay a pro-rated amount so that your membership ends on one of those dates. Membership: Membership is Objectivists interested in discussing philosophical issues with others Membership is presently restricted to those with Toastmasters experience and interest in spreading Objectivism Since the goal of the club is to create a supportive atmosphere for developing philosophical communication skills, we will be adhering to the Toastmasters International policy of voting in (and if necessary, out) new members. Therefore, after the charter period, potential new members will need to visit the club meetings before joining. Related Sites: Toastmasters International ObjectivistVoicesToastmastersClub Added by Ilene Skeen on 12/24, 6:56am
  11. Doug Morris

    The Case for Open Objectivism

    It might be a good idea to keep an eye on Whiteistanis to watch out for rape and child abuse, as long as we don't violate their rights to privacy or due process. We certainly would need to deal firmly with anyone, Whiteistani or not, who actually committed such crimes. And like anyone else, Whiteistanis who wanted to become citizens should have to prove they understand our political system and take a loyalty oath. But we wouldn't really be justified in barring them from entering the country. What about Whiteistanis who are trying to escape the rape culture? What should we do about the rape culture that apparently exists among some male American college students?
  12. Doug Morris

    The Case for Open Objectivism

    Respect for the individual rights of everyone is still possible to both groups under either scenario, and is all we need to have a good government. The two groups might go their separate ways in some respects, but this is OK as long as they respect each other's rights.
  13. Doug Morris

    The Transporter Problem

    Something else from science fiction tangentially related to this thread and/or the more recent "Is Your Self an Illusion?" thread. Last night I saw part of a Doctor Who episode in which the Doctor at the time said regeneration feels like dying. The old person dies and a completely new one walks away. (I don't recall the mechanics of regeneration ever being explained. It does seem clear that the Doctor retains a lot of memory and skills through the regeneration process.)
  14. Doug Morris


    The concept of "God" pushed by scriptuarians is pretty bizarre too, but you can't tell this by looking at a picture of "God". You have to think in principles.
  15. Doug Morris

    The Transporter Problem

    It doesn't make any difference that the content was erased and had to be copied back, or that the nerve cells had to be regenerated?