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  1. I am copying the following link to a Frontline presentation about Putin's interference in USA elections. The person who presented this link finds the presentation very alarming. (She is not an Objectivist.) I have not, as yet, had time to watch this myself. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/?utm_source=promourl&utm_medium=direct&utm_campaign=frontline_2017 For anyone who has watched this or researched the matter another way, how much danger do you think we are in? Is there anything ordinary citizens can do about it?
  2. A link of possible interest about using geometry to fight gerrymandering. http://www.wbur.org/commonhealth/2017/08/04/geometry-fix-gerrymandering
  3. If it was an inside job, what are the prospects of identifying the perpetrator?
  4. MisterSwig, I admit I have not been following this in detail. Please note that my original post asked questions and did not make statements. My more recent post was to clarify why I thought it was worth asking a question.
  5. One reason for concern is the indications that there may have been collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. I hope Mueller does a good and transparent enough job in his investigation to settle such questions.
  6. The Anti-Concept of Anti-Reference; Paradox

    I should have made clear that both the "yields a falsehood" sentence and the question "Does anti-reference refer to itself?" from the starting post lead to contradictions if evaluated naively, and both should be rejected as inherently circular ("paradoxical"). A statement that refers to its own logical properties such as truth, falsity, provability, or unprovability is inherently circular and therefore invalid. A statement that refers to other things about itself, such as "This is a sentence", "This is not a sentence", "This sentence is six words long", "This sentence is twenty-two words long", "This sentence is in English", "This sentence is in Swahili", "This sentence makes a statement about a sentence", or "This sentence names and analyzes the current President of the United States" can be evaluated as true or false.
  7. The Anti-Concept of Anti-Reference; Paradox

    The sentence ""Yields a falsehood when appended to its own quotation" yields a falsehood when appended to its own quotation" leads to a contradiction even though all the concepts used in it are valid concepts. What we need to do in cases like this is not to reject certain concepts but to recognize that certain sentences are inherently circular and therefore logically invalid. This also applies to certain questions, such as "Does anti-reference refer to itself?". Such statements are not true, but they are not ordinary falsehoods; in particular, their negations are not true either. Such questions cannot be correctly answered "yes" or "no"; they must be answered by pointing out their circularity.