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  1. 1)Tyrannical internally, but humble in seeking aid is the Hallmark of entrenched Bureaucracies/politicians round the world. Establishment of United Nations is an assault on private property. Why? Selling his property is also right of property owner. Say I wanted to sell my property in Pol Pots Cambodia. I would not find any buyers as United Nations has ensured permanent peace between nations. But it has not banished CIVIL WAR. I would find a buyer of my property in Cambodia if there was a chance of Pol Pot being overthown by some Nation invading Cambodia weakened by maniacal rule of Polpot. 2) As different from Mises times, atomic individual United by internet has arrived. World has changed substantially. English is being learnt world-wide making language issue fade away 3) Bretton Woods agreement barred Nations around the world (,to have Gold Standard) but it allowed only US to have hold standard. This delivered rest of world than USA to tender mercies of Stalin, Mao, Polpot, Idi Amin
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