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  1. Yes, I agree Caramel Popcorn is the most interesting piece on my page. I thank you for your thought out assessment of my pieces, however, my target audience is the elderly in nursing homes, so more of my songs will be predictable and in line with Blossoms and Cake. Everyone's take is different. I played both Popcorn and Cake for my mom today, and she preferred Cake by far and said it's one of my best.
  2. Thank you for listening and liking Dream_Weaver, I'm happy you enjoyed the rather eccentric piece.
  3. And thanks to the both of you for listening!
  4. That's an interesting take. I do like playing rather slow so it becomes more meditative, though, but I appreciate your comments.
  5. Very nice indeed, thanks for sharing!
  6. I have had the recent revelation that I am a New Age Artist. The genre is known for it's tranquil sounds and peaceful feelings. I've narrowed down which old works I want to keep, and found a vision for the future. I am more aware of my technical ability and boundaries than ever, and am composing at that level. My technical abilities aren't for those that like to be dazzled by fast scales, but if you enjoy a strong melodic hook, please do listen. I felt the need to create a new thread on this similar topic because I am having a fresh start to my musical journey. You can listen to my youtube channel if you'd like, it's linked below. Thank you, Nakulan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyUv3y1LKuZfwbOgBiV30dA/videos
  7. Yes, I'm aware. That's why I said based on what they have chosen to show us.
  8. I think the reason I'm underwhelmed by this trailer is because the take on the character isn't interesting to me. I love Hamill because he can jump from silly to lunatic in a second, his joker is so volatile. Granted I haven't seen this film yet, and I most likely will watch it, but based upon what they have chosen to show us, I'm left underwhelmed.
  9. It changes from what movie it is to the series I believe. In The Killing Joke (my favorite Batman movie) he is out to prove it only takes one bad day to go off your knockers and uses fairly extreme violence to do so. That laugh is unforgettable, though! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb8fWUUXeKM
  10. I'm a bit underwhelmed by the trailer for some reason. My favorite take on the Joker is Hamill so far!
  11. nakulanb

    Classical music

    I'd like to include the Impressionistic period in Classical Music composition as a favorite. It has all those lush textures I love to use in my own music, and I think it displays the sensual side of life well.
  12. nakulanb

    Classical music

    I haven't! I will watch it the next time I sit down to watch a movie.
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