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  1. Wow I admire your evasion tactics... I mean your habilita to write so much without touching the question. I ask what the concept mean and you explained the words. There is no point on keep engaged in this discussion if you are just Trolling, I thought that this place was about intelectual discussion but SL have prove me wrong. Enjoy
  2. Welcome, so happy on teaching you something ... anything
  3. Yes! Rand's philosophy is very good at finding an excuse to made the world fit in hers. In other words if reality does not fit your world view change reality.
  4. Please explane all of it. I just want to avoid misunderstandings
  5. One of the premesis of Ojectivism is the Law of Identity? That based on what you said is subjective. Also can you explain why statement 2 is temporal and not 1
  6. If evasion were a olĂ­mpico sport you will be gold. Can you explain what it means?
  7. This is what people have said about the relationship between contradictions and identity.
  8. You said that if someone sees a contradiction or not change your premises. Very subjective to me It can be one depends of the other or the other way around but missing one, means missing the other.
  9. This will put a level of subjectivism on your philosophy ... Also if the impossibility of contradictions depends of the law of identity, allowing temporarily contradictions means suspending the law of identity.
  10. No. There is no rational of making 2 temporary and no 1, nor they are any ceriteria to start or stop using it.
  11. I am waiting for you to explain what you mean ... This is what I mean when I said that my questions are ignored.
  12. No, StrictlyLogic said that the two statements where done by Rand, I just could not find a post.
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