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  1. Hello everyone, Some of you may be interested in a just-published special year-end column at the Atlasphere by Chris Matthew Sciabarra: "The Cultural Ascendancy of Ayn Rand." From TV shows to encyclopedias, comic books to scholarly journals, Rand references in the culture have recently been skyrocketing — transforming Rand into a veritable iconic figure. Sciabarra tells the story. For the article, visit: http://www.theatlasphere.com Happy New Year! Andrew Schwartz P.S. Also, in case you missed it, the Atlasphere's recent interview with rock musician Sarah Saturday of the Wisconsin-based pop-punk band Saving Face is still available online.
  2. Hello all, I'm pleased to announce that the Atlasphere has just published an interview with world-renowned chef -- and exemplary capitalist -- Charlie Trotter. Trotter is a tour-de-force of the cooking world. In this interview he discusses his discovery of Ayn Rand at an early age, his unique approach to cooking and to business, and his dogged pursuit of excellence in his work. You can read the interview at the Atlasphere: http://www.theatlasphere.com Enjoy! Andrew Schwartz [email protected]
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