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  1. In my opinion, Richard is the fallen. hes been captured, taken away from everybody he knows and loves. he doesn't think he will ever see Kahlan or anybody again. however he holds fast to his values. his beliefs. and he stays true to himself. as a proud man in a city of mediocrity. he would rather die being a proud man, in making that statue of life. then live in a city that worships death. thats what i believe the title means.
  2. Hey dude! ^^ Welcome XP. Glad you came here.
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  5. Hey Yall ^^ I just found this forum today. i am a 16 year old objectivist, very very interested in Ayn Rand and a very avid reader of her fiction and non fiction books. I've read anthem and Atlas Shrugged and am reading the Fountainhead. I have also read Introduction to Objectivist Epistemelogy by Leonard Peikoff. I'm glad to be here. Also my name is Brett. So hey there. how are yall?