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  1. Veganism under Objectivism

  2. The professor ushering them out like children, which I suppose they are. Like Yaron said, they really don't understand... just look at the uncomfortable expression on the girl in green's face when they blatantly recorded her en masse. That faggoty moderator sure should be proud, he didn't hesitate at all and stood up for himself like a real man. ...Wait, am I doing this wrong?
  3. Donald Trump

    Are you a closet leftist? This is all the kind of stuff that titillated his voters. I will grant that I'm giving him too much credit - he didn't really plan any of this, in the same way that none of us plan our personalities.
  4. Donald Trump

    Can't tell...if trolling... or not...
  5. Personally, I don't believe in doomsday scenarios as long as humans have resources at hand and the ability to manipulate them - ie. anything but large-scale world annihilation.
  6. Might be time to accept that this result may as well be a metaphysical fact, and move on to other uses of your time.
  7. My blood boils over easily, if I'm not mentally vigilant. The strategy to counter that's worked for me most is remembering that boiled blood has generated little value for me in past life instances, and that the most probable outcome to getting boiled is self-misery and that's it.
  8. Is America really over-the-top evil? Think about the people you interact with on a daily basis. Would you classify the majority as evil? What line needs to be crossed for a person to be "evil"? Humans are complicated and are always changing. In a reality where most around you truly are evil, such as an ISIS camp, or in prison, I can see a realistic desire to stop dealing with it all, for good. No prospects, little to look forward to now or ever. Is that daily living in America? NO, it isn't. America is essentially a free country, still, with all its regulations and government intrusions. I can still get on the internet and badmouth any branch of the government. The American judicial system still offers the best recourse against humans who don't respect my rights. The American people are still work harder than the rest of the world. American business es are still world-class innovators. America's freedom-focused intellectuals still outnumber the rest of the world. Here's a phrase that comes in handy when pondering life: "What's the alternative?" In a world of mixed humans (which will always be the world, as David noted) where Atlas Shrugged exists only as an illustrative construct, you can choose to focus on evil and live a mad or sad life, or you can choose to focus on every positive thing you can find or create, and live the best possible life before you're dead. There's no point in focusing on negativity past identifying it as something to move beyond.
  9. When to take time off

    Why can't you do both? Software can't be taking up all of your time. Why not do other things after you're finished with the regular job? Why not keep your full time job, and do the other interests part time, at least for now? You may find out you're not really all that interested in writing symphonies with the majority of your time. You may find out a solid stream of income is worth more to you than you'd thought. Setting company goals is someone's full time job somewhere, and you might discover you don't really like having that responsibility, even while still appreciating the goals/purpose being set. You'll wind up discovering loads of facets to your other interests you didn't even know existed, along with how you like those facets, and the interests will inevitably become different things to you entirely than how you think about them now - maybe better, maybe worse. Fidgeting with those interests part time can show you those facets without you needing to devote time (and possible heartache) to worrying about a livelihood. In my opinion, a life "plunge" is only good when you have some realistic idea of a good outcome, whatever that means to you. But, that's from a guy who has never done a plunge and never intends to. I like the try-before-you-buy method. But definitely try. What's the point of living if you don't do the living? If you think a plunge is for you, do it. There's truth to "if it don't kill you..."
  10. Top 10 Life Tips for the Young You

    The premise of the thread could be faulty. Is wisdom implicitly beyond its audience, only to be recognized with later life experience? I had an old computer in high school with a DOS touch typing program that would let you practice on tried and true sayings. At 14 years, I recognized them as ancient wisdom, because they sounded dated and odd to me, and because I figured they wouldn't have been included without reason. I remember 3 (I tried and failed finding this program online to get the other sayings): When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. For years I thought that they must be mostly nonsense, or half-truths since proven wrong, (ironically) like Bible Parables. Then over time, one by one they became real.
  11. The Royal Family of Nominalism

    The real step backwards is that people don't understand or don't care about the true meaning of rights, they care more about their feelings, which is the real reason gay became OK so quickly. It's a positive that the trend continues away from thinking of gays as a societal blight, but it doesn't really have to do with rights, the progress or regression of.
  12. Dealing with the Hostile Reader

    Thread closed for violating the forum's rule against personal attacks toward other forum members.
  13. The Royal Family of Nominalism

    World-famous drag queen Rupaul has repeatedly described his profession as that of a court jester, "never taking the world too seriously." So, I guess he's at least as intellectual as you.
  14. Top 10 Life Tips for the Young You

    In my teens, I put on a know-it-all front, but in fact I didn't verify much of anything at all for myself. This carried on until I found this forum, with its many exemplar users who didn't take any answer without some solid reasoning behind it, and a painful process of de-rationalization began after my sad mental habits just couldn't stand up any longer. The habits were deep, though, and for a while it seemed like I didn't really know anything about anything, because I realized I had really verified almost nothing. I'd thought it was good general advice, not just for younger me, but maybe I wasn't so typical and this is very obvious to most people from the beginning. Growing up, I did not focus primarily on my own desires, instead focusing first (or only) on what I "should" do. Then, for a long time I treated people poorly, generally. Maybe the first was due to religion and the second was a personal backlash, but I'm not a psychologist. The way I summed up this advice applies more in my 20s, since I wouldn't have heard or understood any version of it when the issues were at their worst. I see versions of these two problems in a lot of people now - confusion about why life isn't working out, when surface investigation reveals motives that don't start from within; confusion as to why things aren't working out, and then big surprise they have no consideration at all about the other person's perspective or objectives.