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  1. Thanks to SoftwareNerd for figuring out how to get our usernames to show up in the chat automatically! The chat can be found on the main Forums page to the right, and on the Portal page. It's easy to move it around, so if it's annoying or could be in a better spot, just let us know.
  2. tlk.io was initially a 5 minute integration using the Portal software add-on, currently visible on the righthand side of the main OO.com Forums page. If we relied on Facebook authentication, it would end there. And for now, I've set it to require Facebook or Twitter logins, though it has the public/anonymous option. But, this language: If you already have a login for your users, you can use their names for this chat too. In the embed code, add a data-nickname attribute with the user's name. Like data-nickname="somename". ...seems to suggest forum usernames can be pulled. 30 minutes after that 5 minute setup, I still can't figure out how, maybe I'll try again later. I'm not sure if the embed code they use can do it easily, or if a more involved workaround is required: <div id="tlkio" data-channel="objectivismonlinechat" data-theme="theme--minimal" style="width:100%;height:800px;"></div><script async src="http://tlk.io/embed.js" type="text/javascript"></script> I'm pretty sure php-something-or-another needs to be used...
  3. Unfortunately, after a lot of finagling it looks like the old framework that ran PHPFreeChat on the forum doesn't translate directly to the updated forum software, and it's not working now. RocketChat and Chatwee both require money, not to mention time. So, if you can find an option that fixes both of those problems, we can take a look at integration!
  4. Rand's style of issues can probably be attributed to her genius. But, she was a person like anyone else, who dealt with people. Interpersonal issues are inherent with everyone. I've done plenty of lousy things and dealt with plenty of lousy people. If I or they had backed up decisions with lines of condemning logical reasoning that went against commonspeak of the time, it might also seem like something different than plain old interpersonal issues. What is an issue of Rand's in particular that you're thinking about? Then, we can pick it apart and try to analyze the possible differences between her and a typical person.
  5. The best serious Hollywood actors consistently refer to current television as where to find the highest quality acting work. They say TV and movies have kind of swapped places, where movies are now frothy events. Sometimes I like event movies, but I happily embrace 8 to 12 hour serious character and narrative TV in place of 2 hour serious movies - especially when viewed from the comfort of home.
  6. I just watched Arrival a couple of weeks ago. I almost skipped it, because an Objectivist on Facebook dismissed it as "greater good" propaganda. But it was the best option in a crop of afternoon cable pay-per-view movies, so I watched. I'm glad I did. To that Objectivist, you see what you want to see? I thought the movie was original and great, from premise to presentation.
  7. Some people can't or won't be convinced, and almost certainly not in the moment. The post has a lot of bad ideas, and the particular grouping of ideas, along with the tone, suggests a tight knot that isn't going to be loosened easily. If I saw that on social media, I would unfollow if it's from a source I don't care about - as I don't gain anything from reading summations like that - or I *might* provide a very broad and (hopefully) friendly retort focusing on the most offending idea to me, but only if it was for a source I cared about. It can also be valuable to respond with no expectations from the source in return, with your main goal being to observe their replies. You can try different argument methods - friendly, direct, vague, sarcastic - and gauge how they respond, keeping their personal profile in mind if possible. Various things can be learned by doing this over time.
  8. PHPFreeChat is probably still an option (googling actually brings up David V.'s 10-year-old implementation), but the exact setup was lost (read: I didn't save it) when we switched to the IPS Chat, which I figured was permanent. :| I'll give it a look as soon as I get a chance.
  9. Those instructions are good for integrating the chat with IPS. But, Rocket Chat first requires a host, which the chat company will provide and configure for $50/month. Otherwise, we would need to set that up ourselves, and besides needing to figure out how to do so, it would require double the resources currently purchased monthly to host the main forum through Digital Ocean. It's probably going to be hard to beat the $10/mo IPS was charging for their chat client.
  10. The developers of our forum platform have discontinued their chat service. It has never been especially popular at OO.com, but I know there are a few power users. Those who would like to see a chat remain on this forum, feel free to research an option that is possible to (easily) integrate into IPS forum software, post below, and I'll try to make it happen.
  11. Pittsburgh is almost as convenient as Columbus. If I attend, people need to add their internet aliases to their name tags so that I can recognize them in person.
  12. Peikoff is asked the question in a podcast, "Can a gay person be a true Objectivist?": Link Binswanger does not talk about homosexuality nor Ayn Rand's friends in 100 Voices, but he mentioned a blurb in an email to the Objectivism Study Group list in 1991: I present this only as a shortcut to others' judgements that her early viewpoint is not important. As a gay fan of Rand's, I understand an interest in her views on "homosexuality" (already an old fashioned term, amazingly). But, Rand's best ideas have also brought me to the point of judging for myself and not caring what Rand thought, since she was wrong. I'm not too concerned with her living in ignorance (as most were about gays) and influenced by the ideas of her times, as a fallible human just like us.
  13. Two basic precursors to learning are your own personal interests (for picking what to learn about) and your approach to new ideas. For maximum brain flow, go with what interests you most. For maximum brain saturation, question everything honestly until the answer becomes part of you (and even then, question from time to time). My biggest personal setbacks to learning were/are rationalism and becoming emotionally charged about potential errors in my thinking or conclusions.
  14. I think Objectivism is radical in its framing of morality outside of a religious context and its idea of selfish morality. That 3% strikes me as accurate. I guess atheism isn't radical if your expectations are higher for the timeframe of humanity, but religion is still everywhere, and so atheism could still be called radical.
  15. To dream_weaver's point, when just 3% of the US population identifies as atheist, by Oxford's definition Objectivism is radical, or "characterized by departure from tradition; innovative or progressive."