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  1. I don't think of "group" as identifying anything other than "non-individual." "Group" is only used because more than one person is required to create a big enough buzz to influence passive acceptance.
  2. Those are good questions. "Groupthink" is just a version of what Rand termed "blanking out." If we could figure out how to get people to stop doing that, the world would be even more amazing than it already is. ...kind of. It still needs to be checked in some (or many) ways against what you already know from your own experiences and thinking. If you find a source of information with a great track record, you still only know the conclusions which you can prove to yourself. In fact, you had to prove to yourself the reasons the source has had a great record.
  3. For this same reason sexual harassment and sexual assault shouldn't be uttered in the same breath.
  4. I use groupthink to mean: Passive acceptance of the loudest, longest, or most socially acceptable ideas with little to no consideration nor care about the actual truth, independent of whether discovering the truth would be easy; Lack of consideration with no care. It doesn't matter from whom the ideas stem, the key is that they fall on deaf ears. Effort to convince with new ideas is futile, because the groupthinker is not interested in consideration.
  5. It doesn't matter how it sounds, what matters is whether I provided reasoning. When you're trying to make sense of anything, whether it's a news story or whatever, do you rest on mental shortcuts? Or, do you take those shortcuts for what they are, and actively update your thoughts when new information is found? Especially when you suspect you don't have the full story, you're not writing things off as concluded, right? A person who does otherwise is a non-thinking idiot to the extent they are instead fine with those fuzzy "conclusions." Even if they're "nice," "hardworking," or "non-racist" - they may be civilized, but it's not really their doing, is it? They're not active participants in their own lives, the groupthink will determine things for them instead. Thinking individuals shouldn't waste their time on groupthinkers.
  6. The meme doesn’t necessarily suggest pride. The way to change the “context” of a majority/loudest groupthink is to completely ignore it, cutting it off at its legs with indifference. Imagine if the majority did this instead, would anyone still feel the need to care about the “context”? I suppose it really depends on your purpose. If you’re concerned with changing the minds of non-thinking idiots, I guess it would make sense to care about groupthink. But I doubt your caring is going to make a difference.
  7. Thankgiving

    Was it truly a sacrifice, and if so could it truly have been a measurement of pride?
  8. I suppose it could be psychologized back the other way, too. I don't feel my mind has been infected, so you assuming that it has been infected only speaks to your own psychology about this issue... no?
  9. "It's OK to be white" is what flashes through my mind when halfwit protesters scream that all white people are somehow guilty of anything and it gets ongoing attention from media organizations. It's not something I would think otherwise. And no, "the protesters" are not "black people." It's any screaming idiot.
  10. How is it possible to "take pride" in skin color?
  11. Why must anyone respond to any nonsense at all?
  12. So, my mind is made up for me by merely existing... in this country? Or, perhaps I don’t have to accept any “context,” no matter how obnoxious.
  13. Speak for yourself. I don't follow white nationalists in any way and imagine their agendas must be as dumb as they come, but I think "It's OK to be white" all the time to myself when I read the moronic public, racist displays of "black lives," "mormon lives," "women lives," or whatever else.
  14. Donald Trump

    And I took you as more of a cynic!
  15. What are you listening at the moment?

    Beck - Wow
  16. "Fun: 1. Enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure." Philosophy in general isn't really fun. Contemplating new ideas isn't really fun. Figuring out your course of action isn't really fun. Fun is kind of like humor, the flip side of something difficult. Objectivism can't be "popularized" with fun like a pop song. It's a slow burn from the other side.
  17. Donald Trump

    “Whoever you import”? Like a bag of wheat? Is that what you consider civilized? I hope you realize that most of your fellow Americans are essentially socialists, and prove it with their elected officials from all parties.
  18. Donald Trump

    It's also illogical.
  19. I’ve used the “just do it” technique successfully many times - to get over strong mental roadblocks like longtime OCD, to get past overthought life ruts that might be described as indecisive, to find a solution differently when my line of action or thinking has seemed to be totally ineffective, etc. It’s liberating to “just do it” in some totally different direction than you’ve been trying, it gets you thinking in other ways about other things, and it’s satisfying to see different results. Come to think of it, this technique may actually be essential to human progress.
  20. Is Colorado a lost cause?

    Do you think this is what "Solid Red" champions today?
  21. Though you meant this as we do not and cannot maintain a capitalist system with a good culture, which is true, I believe the statement is also true when read as an explanation for current world wealth -- "this selfish culture MUST be the explanation for why everything is so good!" We have decent remnants of a very good Western Culture, a little piece of which is in nearly every human on Earth, which explains our high modern standard of living. I also meant in other ways, like with individual mental wellbeing and interpersonal relationships. The past couple decades of Objectivists prove that the philosophy isn't an automatic ticket to happiness. It's simply an identification (as though it were simple to identify!) of what it takes to be a happy human. To your question, some people land on many of those identifications more instinctively (sometimes reading Rand and stating that she articulated what they'd always known), and lead better lives by sticking to it more than other people who read Rand and "know" the identifications, but for one reason or another struggle to apply them to their own lives.
  22. Is this rape? Consent? Something else?

    The purpose of the original premise was to find the lines between rape and not-rape. Your only line appears to be required verbal communication, which isn't practiced in this way by most humans and thus still leaves no plausible rape distinction.
  23. Objectivists are people, too. Best case scenario is that their philosophy is superior, but even that is not a given - do they practice what they preach? Even with a superior philosophy, have they been able to translate that into life success? Can they get along with others? That is, do they have value to trade? People are people, too. They're not explicitly rational by choice, they don't explicitly pursue their own personal interests, but in practice, most do live this way most of the time. They are Objectivists to degrees and have translated that into life success, and have a lot of value to offer and trade. The world will never, ever present itself to you as the polar choice illustrated in Atlas Shrugged. People are fluid, choosing to change or not change. Atlas Shrugged is meant to crystalize principles, allowing you to make better day to day choices for yourself. It's an exaggeration which will never be a reality, because people have the ability to choose and change, and few of them are all evil or all good. Even more so today, a "band together and separate" fantasy shouldn't be given a fleeting thought, when everyone carries around pocket computers representing perfectly all the value the world has to offer to trade, the world's largest country is heading in the right direction, poverty is low, etc. etc. Why would anyone want to run from that? The world's never been better.
  24. If the billions(!) of people on the planet were so bad, so far from any value to be traded so as to require fleeing, they wouldn’t stand for a band of 100,000 individualists, and would loot and kill us all. Otherwise, there would be value to be traded, and the more people, the more value.
  25. Ayn Rand's official public notice

    I know I've heard or read Piekoff talk about how Rand's group of close friends and acquaintances were deeply disappointed by the general reception of Atlas Shrugged, and that before its publication they had worked themselves up to believe that it would be something like a cultural silver bullet. I don't remember if he'd grouped Rand into that also, or what he said specifically about her reaction.