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  1. Some layout problems in Safari/Mac. Works fine in Firefox and IE mac. Have you got a negative margin mixed with a position:relative deplacement in the left column somewhere? This would cause the "100%" middle to expand to far in some browsers.
  2. Mrs Peikoff, I offer you my sincere apologies. I had written that little 'critique' at an odd period - when I was just beginning to share my until-then private admiration for the works of Ayn Rand, and, since I had many questions, when doing so expecting a logical 'next step' answer with the help of new readings and communication with others. I'm sure that my disappointment was obvious, but perhaps I took it out on the wrong target only because I didn't get the answers I was expecting. It was indeed too simple to aim at the most obvious target, and again I am sorry for my earlier comments. I still have questions today about certain subjects Ayn Rand and her followers (to my knowledge) have seemingly neglected to answer; that is to say defining what 'work' is and a most 'value-correct' means of trading it with others. I also still have questions concerning our present-day economic rules and practices. I must admit that I am still disappointed to see that many have adopted Ayn Rand's teachings as a means of defending privilege - promoting 'the value of * and our right to exchange it as we see fit' without considering the effort made to invent or create that object or method and its real value to the others who buy it. I am far from being an advocate of those who seek freebies, but on the other hand am against the use of position or privilege to ask more than an object or service's real value. If there is anything you are aware of concerning the above questions you think I should read, and especially in the works of Mr. Peikoff, I would more than welcome any suggestions. Best regards, J.M. Schomburg. PS: I have produced quite a bit in my as-of-yet not-so-long lifetime, but nothing in the domain of Objectivism - perhaps one day. There's still much more to learn I'm sure.
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