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  1. That is just what bothers me so much I think. 1) This doesn't give a mandate to make changes to policy 2) The media do look at the policies as do many professors, ceo's, university students, etc. 3) This does not contribute to long lasting life for the Party in the government. Like you, Ayn Rand stated that a political party cannot be a tool for education. But, I always took that to mean the educating had to be complete beforehand, you seem to see it as dispensible entirely. It is a short cut. I do like the policies of the FPO, and I am starting to see it as being at the ready, preparing the field for when Objectivism does flood the culture. Voters were very cautious about electing the federal Alliance because they were new. Their policies were not as consistent and pricipled as the FPO, and everyone seemed frightened to death. Voters such as you describe are loose cannons, and dangerous results such as NDP win in 1990 would be proof of the disaster unpricipled voting can bring. I judge this to bring me full circle on my initial question, is the culture ready? The answer is NO. Electioneering our way into power will see us just as quickly ousted I fear. I like my other seed of a strategic idea. Pick the weakest of the big two parties, and all Objectivists join and flock there and build it our way from within.
  2. This adds up to a serious problem. Without moral guideposts or policy/philosophical understanding the average voter will regard the FPO to be more stressful causing greater discomfort the the main 3 parties, as each voter will see their particular public benefit(s) at risk, and they will feel exposed and vulnerable to big business. Since the media journalists do at least look at a party's platform the fearmongering will be played up in the news. This would suggest that the role of philosophy is far less significant then Objectivistism holds. What matters to most people explicitly and what the culture generally practicises philosophlically are two different things. The force of the latter is very strong, even if the underlying philosophy is not explicitly held in the minds of most. It is "in the air." (Though it needs to become explicit--at least in the ivory tower-- to survive.) MF
  3. Really interesting. I've enjoyed Tolkien as much as some others, it was an earlier admiration before discovering Rand. I've noticed recently myself the aspects which are pro-reason and con-reason in his works. I understand this to be common in most art and literature, and movies. And they have value in the contrast. Most of all Tolkiens sense of life in the ability to take on evil and cause personal and global improvment are A1. The escapism into fantasy, and the environmentalism, not so much. The movie scene near the end of Return of the King where Bilbo is about to embark on his 'final sea voyage' with the elves has a vista where the architecture is integrated with the landscape in such breathtaking elegance as to make me think of TF each time. There are many such examples but that for me was the most striking. Welcome to OO
  4. Glenn, I have reviewed the policies many times, and was first made aware of the party on Free Dominion web site, where Paul McKeever made posts for the Freedom Party and ARI releases at the same time. I agree that FPO is objectivist. I want others to examine this party and weigh in on this thread. My more important question is this, is the culture possibly ready? I meet many people who dislike all the alternatives in government and political parties/candidates. I would almost expect everyone to trip over each other to support a politician like Paul McKeever. But when talking with these people more I end up concerned that they still are not for freedom, or for anything. It often sounds as though some are just against civil liberties, or against laissez-faire. Some are more concerned with what they are for, though. Some are for freedom in business, and will overlook religious issues. Others are for abortion, for example, and will overlook economic concerns. That is, some people are focused on their freedoms and their particular issues and lives, and are not interested in controlling others around other issues. These are the people you would think would be attracted to the Freedom Party. If they are the majority, the major political parties will change with them, but there will be a lag before they adapt. Maybe the FPO can take the day ahead of time if the people are receptive. Does anyone think the culture might be ready yet? MF
  5. hmmmm... more seaching on the name at IMDB shows many people of the same name... just a coincedence I'm fairly sure. Sorta funny though. MF
  6. I apoligize up front, I have not read every post in this thread..... I wonder if it is possible to take advantage of the full and fundamental weakness in the Democratic Party, the weakness in course, vision, fundamentals, ideology, alternatives, and philosophy?! What I mean is IF EVERY OBJECTIVIST COULD BAND TOGETHER AND JOIN THE MOST SUSCEPTIBLE PARTY POSSIBLE, THE DEMOCRATS, COULD OBJECTIVISTS MAKE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY A MIRROR IMAGE OF OBJECTIVISM!! If EVERY objectivist joined and began exerting opinions and pressure on the party from within, it is weak enough, and already enclined to humanities and civil freedoms enough, to morph to the party we ALL want!! I KNOW MOST CONSERVATIVES WERE ATTRACTED TO AYN RAND FOR THE FREEDOM AND FISCAL POLICIES AND SOLID MORALITY INITIALLY AS I WAS, but SO WHAT! Isn't solidarity more important!! How many objecivist are their in the USA? Could we shape the couse of the now weakest party?!?! If only through unity? Something to consider.
  8. Copy of email thread I've been in: I also questioned in another thread (Objectivist Political Party) the opinions of others here in regard to the Freedom Party. I almost joined once, and may still. I may even run Provincially in my riding. Does anyone else find their policies in line with Objectivism? Could most in the culture be FOR freedom as opposed to AGAINST their particular point of view, instead, YET!?!
  9. I've looked over this thread and it is long, but I haven't seen if anyone noticed David Kelly as listed as co-producer in this link at IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0480239/fullcredits Is this is a different David Kelly than TAS/TOC and just a coincedence? The link of his name goes on to say he is a filmographer? Could be alarming.
  10. Thanks. Please feel free to see my other posts and profile. I am familiar with Ayn Rand, etc. I was kidding around about the dogmatic bit. I do not think that the people on this forum would find me to be dogmatic regardless of my support for ARI etc., though I'm sure not worried about it if some do. I consider the charge to be crass. Sure, it may be possible in some cases, but most threads I've read here and at other forums demonstrate depth of thinking, even when errors are made. Obviously, Objectivism entails a rejection of dogmatism and appeals to higher authorities, rather, it entails hard thinking and grappling for oneself. Perhaps a part of the reason why my own Objectivist experience has been slow and over many years, as I prefer to deliberate, live, practice and experience my thinking and theories. I'm not just saying this, I didn't actually realize that this was a good Objectivism, inductive approach for some years. I am atheist. I look forward to sharing my views as I can. And also, I have always been for industry and capitalism, and against environmentalism and government, even if my earlier justifications were incorrect. My use of the color green in my signature is an attempt at my wry sense of humour, and the avatar is a picture of a forest I have logged out.
  11. Feel free to compare to my wife's biz at http://www.artisticexpressionsbyleslie.com/
  12. Hi. I have to say I have found this to be a enjoyable forum. I appreciate the standard of respect. I have always found that serious passion can be delivered with exceptional class if one holds to a grand view of oneself and human beings in general. So it would seem I'm an unthinking, dogmatic, and hysterical atomaton. No one ever told me so, but I can see these qualities in myself. A bit about myself. I run a mid-scale hardwood sawmill (rough, green lumber) and logging operation in Ontario Canada. We buy private stands of timber rights and/or land for harvest. Family business for five generations with 20 employees. Married, blissfully, 4 wonderful kids, 11F, 10F, 7M, 4M I'm a bit busy. (I'll likely blitz on the net here for a bit then ignore it completely for undefined periods of time, then resume blitz, etc.) I've worked hard to slow the facist land grab enviro-policies of the local government, with limited succes, and have found The Moral Defense of Forestry speech by P Schwartz to give real clarity (even if the approach led from it bounced off the stubborn meatheads in office around here with seemingly limited effect on their thinking.) At least they do back down from a fight if they sense a moral conviction (that they don't share) in their adversary and 'compromise' some. Hence business, family, are my full time jobs and politics, philosophy and movies my full time hobbies. Time for other interests? Its good to be here. Be seein' ya. Paul Hallman
  13. in order: Atlas (11 years ago, after my oldest was a couple months old) For the New Intellectual (thus began path out of faith) Fountainhead Romantic Manifesto Atlas We the Living OPAR (thus completed path out of faith 9 years later) Fountainhead VOS PARC (I figure I might never doubt Dr. Peikoff) (though the whole liberal/conservative thing had me going for a while) Anthem I've also subscribed to TIA for several years and now I am looking at adding TOS and others to my subscriptions.
  14. My inductive road from pious Catholic to tried and true Atheist took 9 years to travel.
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