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    It is my mission to ignite the fire of the mind, the passion of genius. I am a source. I am a specialized fuel. Time is precious, she is not to be wasted.
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    I fell in Love with Ayn Rand when I watched the documentary 'A Sense of Life' in 2006.
    I have read 'The Fountainhead', 'Atlas Shrugged', 'The Romantic Manifesto', 'The Virtue of Selfishness' , 'Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology', 'Philosophy, Who Needs It', 'For the New Intellectual', 'Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal' and 'Objectivism: The philosophy of Ayn Rand'
    I watched the film 'Atlas Shrugged' in the theater.
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    Conceptual Consciousness Artist (Painter)

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  1. Intimations of My Philosophy Book

    I read these a couple times, trying to get a feel for the rhythm. Mixing syntax into poetry with concepts that are meaningful.
  2. How Do You Achieve Bliss?

    Studies on various animal Alpha leaders show they are much more relaxed than the betas of the group.
  3. How Do You Achieve Bliss?

    Quite honestly I didn't believe you when I read that she rarely smiled. The glint in her eyes when she sets the stage for a profound abstraction is so poignant to me, I never questioned the joy I felt I shared with her in those moments. For some reason this makes me think of the opposite feeling I had when watching a video of a diplomat saying some horrifyingly nasty things while a smile was plastered on his face and his head was nodding up and down.
  4. How Do You Achieve Bliss?

    Maybe you and I define or value admiration differently. To me self admiration is something intimate... I don't care to express my own admiration of myself to anyone else, those moments pass as I challenge myself to a new goal. I don't really like when others praise me, not that I am unhappy that they feel admiration, but the way admiration is substituted for work. The way their admiration gets chained to an expectation, as though I owe them something for generating a feeling of admiration in them. It depends who the admiration is coming from. If I admired a painting my friend made, and they told me it was inspired by work that I did, I would feel honored. I don't like the way most fans interrupt celebrities in the grocery store to gush on their admiration. It isn't a fair trade. Admiration... like bliss, ecstasy, love are words with meanings that carry a great deal of energy/fuel to move forward.
  5. How Do You Achieve Bliss?

    I feel a resistance to this, and I am trying to figure out why. It could be the word 'you' as though you are telling me to admire myself as much as I possibly can. There is more to it. I am trying to understand why it doesn't sit well with me.
  6. How Valuable Is Your Attention?

    I agree, the quality of attention is the main idea. Cultivating a healthy frontal cortex (the context and control center of the brain) is key. I agree, an overactive frontal cortex is problematic; obsessive/compulsive disorder. I think being mindful of the quality of what you are investing your attention in, at any given moment, is helpful in developing healthy brain habits. Thinking... If this is boring or irritating or stupid, is there a way to improve the quality of my attention toward it? I like this thread of thought. If an artist, musician, sculptor, writer deliberately gave an hour or two more per day to his craft he might make significant progress in that field. I think it came from a lifetime of contemplation with a sense of value toward discoveries of the inner workings of her mind. I respect and admire Peikoff a great deal, and the words he uses are deeply informative and thoughtful, but the cadence of his voice has a bit of a downward tone at the ends of his sentences that make him seem restless that he has to explain things again. Ayn Rand's voice had a tone of urgency and curiosity. I love the way she often answered questions with more insightful questions.
  7. How Do You Achieve Bliss?

    I remember an excerpt of Ayn Rand's notes where she tells herself: "stop admiring your self so much, you are nothing yet" But it is her right to know herself well enough to use that thought as motivation or shield, and to accept it from no one else. To me, Ayn Rand seems to radiate with bliss consciousness, especially while engaging in vigorous debate. It takes a great deal of self awareness to be able to inspire the rational mind of your adversary.
  8. How Do You Achieve Bliss?

    It takes a great deal of mental effort to understand the massive body of work Ayn Rand has presented, and even greater finesse to express it intelligibly. The trader in me wants to earn the right to think of my self as good. This idea touches on the concern with a sense of entitlement that drives politics. I think there is a fear that Objectivists will be stereotyped by the behavior of some of its members. If a person uses Ayn Rand to justify being an egomaniacal ass, it makes it harder for more sensitive empathic Objectivists to present themselves to people. Though I embrace and value Ayn Rand’s definition of selfishness, I am still affected by what it means to more than 90% of the population. (i.e. pushing others down) I prefer the phrases self esteem or self awareness.
  9. How Do You Achieve Bliss?

    I’ve been practicing transcendental meditation for 22 years. It consists of sitting quietly for 20 minutes silently repeating a meaningless sound over and over in your mind. You gently bring yourself back to the sound when ever you notice yourself thinking. Brain researchers are fascinated with it. They are still trying to figure out why it works, but the studies they have conducted have shown increased scholastic ability in schools, decreased crime in prison inmates, and they are also studying it to help with PTSD in war veterans. I think it works as an exercise in self discipline. You are gently becoming aware of the multitude of random things that your mind constantly throws at you. Gently noticing them and returning to the mantra. I think the mantra keeps the chattery part of your mind occupied so that your witness, or your self, strengthens in observation. It exercises the frontal cortex/executive functions of the mind. I transcend into Bliss Consciousness. I feel an expansive energy emanating from my consciousness, my self awareness grows. My ability to hold context grows. Bliss provides a sharp contrast to negative energy, helping priorities become more clear.
  10. How Do You Achieve Bliss?

  11. How Do You Achieve Bliss?

  12. How Valuable Is Your Attention?

    What does it mean to experience your attention being devalued?
  13. How Valuable Is Your Attention?

    I noticed a significant increase in the value of my attention when I first discovered Ayn Rand. Listening to her speeches changed the organization of my brain. The words she had worked so hard to make clear and concise were part of it. But the part I want to add more emphasis to, the part that is the abstraction I am seeking to clarify is the cadence in her voice, the rhythm, the nuances of her inflections, these things had the effect on my brain of mental gymnastics. I was exhausted... thoroughly mentally exhausted, in my first efforts to understand her. The relief and the challenge of becoming a rational consciousness was complex and overwhelming. Ayn Rand's voice had the effect of the sun chasing away the fog. Ayn Rand's voice traveling all these years through recording equipment told me a thousand things her printed pages never could. Her voice gave me the energy to pursue her meaning.
  14. I've had a significant epiphany recently which drives focus toward clarifying and defining the Value of Attention. It has been with me, all my life, in the background, subconsciously. I am making effort to bring it into full focus. The Value of Attention. When I make a work of art I improve the value of my own attention, I improve the value of my attention toward the world, I improve the value of the attention the world has toward me. When I have seen a very good film, and find a friend capable of exploring the depths of the abstractions present in the work, my friend and I improve the value of our attention toward the work and toward one another. What are your thoughts about the way Attention relates to volition?