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  1. I just published a review of the book Old Nick's Guide to Happiness, written by Nicholas Dykes. This is a book that I believe any Objectivist, or person who enjoyed Atlas Shrugged, will find entertaining and informative. You can read the full review here.
  2. Important! I would like to direct everyone to my most recent article, because it discusses some recent news that everyone should be aware of. Barack Obama's outfit, "Organizing for America", is using the government schools as a recruiting center in an effort to put together an army of youths to be trained to go out and push Obama's agenda for health care, energy and education reform. Pam Geller broke this story Saturday, on her website Atlas Shrugs, and I have provided an overview of the most important information along with an analysis of the meaning and implications. Please read this and then take appropriate countermeasures, including spreading the story as widely as possible. It is important that we generate a loud public outcry against this abomination. Obama Continues to Organize his Youth Army!
  3. My call to action for all freedom-loving people. The Second American Revolution: It's Time To Make Your Stand
  4. I just added the following article: Why The Republicans Are No Ally In The Fight Against Health Care Legislation
  5. Listen to Robert Reich finally tell the truth about health care reform! You Can't Handle The Truth!
  6. Many new articles on my blog including: Community Service's Split Personality
  7. Recent articles: Hey Kids, I've Got A Message For You ... Running the Numbers: Over One Billion Served Community Service: It's Not Just For Your Community Any Longer! Half of Public Schools Require Community Service Volunteerism ... For Credit and Money!
  8. To All Innocent Fifth Columnists I was recently introduced to an article written by Ayn Rand in 1941 which I had not read before. In it, she encourages intellectuals to organize in support of individualism as the only means of successfully fighting totalitarianism. This piece is fully applicable today, identifying the exact nature of our current battle for freedom. Read my piece which includes a link to the full article. And to PatriotResistance, thank you for your kind encouragement.
  9. Oh Where, Oh Where, Did All The Doctors Go? My latest blog entry discusses the brain-drain that has been occurring in South Africa. It is also another parable of mandatory community service in action.
  10. My latest piece titled It's Never Too Early To Indoctrinate, discusses how mandatory national service is being imposed, through the back door of our educational system. Soon, no child will be able to escape from the requirement.
  11. In a recent blog entry titled My Response to Frank Rich's Article in the New York Times, I respond to Mr Rich's observation that heated disagreement with Barack Obama's policies is prima facia evidence of a manifestation of racism -- but since the dissenters are idiots, there is no point in trying to set them straight.
  12. I just added a short article on my blog that discusses how your tax dollars have been going to ACORN to fund such activities as creating "Healthcare Activists" to rally support for Obamacare. And if that were not enough, these activities are promoted through the government's serve.gov website. Read more at Taxpayers Fund Activists for Obamacare at United We Serve.
  13. Maximus, thank you for that. I truly appreciate it. Andrew, I appreciate your comment about the appearance of the site. I understand where you are coming from, but I guess I am a bit of a Luddite when it comes to graphical design. I just prefer the simpler, hand crafted look where the message gets all of the attention. I personally find things like the animated emoticons I'm looking at to my left at the moment, to be a big distraction. If others think the appearance is a problem, send me a note and let me know your opinion and I'll take it into account for future projects. Now, on to other news: I just added a blog entry discussing the recently announced Mozilla Service Week project. The Obama administration is off and running with its plans to move the country to mandatory national service of some kind, and this is just the first salvo in their battle plan. Read more about this at my article: The Battle for National Service is Underway! Regards, -- C. Jeffery Small go-galt.org/Galt_Pledge/
  14. I have now added a blog section to the original website. This contains additional material about the purpose of this initiative along with additional comments. This section will be updated frequently, so check back occasionally for new information. I'm also interested in receiving comments from readers of the site. Use one of the buttons there to send me email with your thoughts. I hope each of you will give the project some careful consideration, add you name to the list, and then let others know about it so that they can participate as well. Your support is crucial in turning this site into an important tool in the fight for liberty. Regards. -- C. Jeffery Small
  15. I have created a new web site that explores the ramifications to the country and its citizens resulting from the renewed calls for voluntary and mandatory National Service. I think the site is rather self-explanatory. Take a look and let me know (by email) your thoughts. The John Galt Pledge Initiative -- C. Jeffery Small
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