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  1. ...Work ethic what would you do with your life? And who is that character?
  2. In Ayn Brand's fiction who had the least amount of work to reach moral perfection? And why do you think that?
  3. On second thought, can a comparison even be made? I know that Capitalism would be run by his constitution/moral principles and not by mob rule/other people's opinions, fears, doubts, whims, delusions, emotions etc. Again, you can find your own way of comparing a person and a particular social system..
  4. How would Capitalism, Mixed Economy, Socialism, and/or Communism act if they were people? And why do you say that? You can even throw in a mixed economy moving towards Capitalism/Socialism/Communism For example since a mixed economy is such a hodgepodge of controls and freedoms I think he would act like a schizo... I think history has shown that as well. What do you think... Would Capitalism act like Mark Zuckerberg?
  5. I can't make full sense of this quote but I like it for some reason... I'm looking for an interpretation that would sound rational even if it wasn't intended to be that way Tupac says, "Though things change, the future's still inside of me" What could he mean by, "The future's still inside of me"? Here is the context of the quote: In this game, the lesson's in your eyes to seeThough things change, the future's still inside of meWe must remember that tomorrow comes after the darkSo you will always be in my heart, with unconditional loveIn this game, the lesson's in your eyes to seeThough things change, the future's still inside of meWe must remember that tomorrow comes after the dark Again, I'm looking for an interpretation that would sound rational even if it wasn't intended to be that way Radiohead also said something similar: "The future is inside usIt's not somewhere else"
  6. Don't say James Bond... I haven't seen a full movie of his but from what I've seen he is too stiff.
  7. For some reason I like Francisco D'Anconia. Are there any books or movies with a main character similar to Francisco D'anconia? It could even be a biography. I think of Francisco as a Super Intelligent, rational and charming guy.
  8. Regarding the Famous and Rich Chef who recently ended his own life: An Altruist would say something like: Money can't buy happiness, as you can see. His job was to enjoy himself and look what happened to him. Help other people and make them happy to prevent tragedies like these. You would want someone to care about you." A Christian would say something like: "It's important to have faith, above all else it's important to follow God and as a result, you will discover a purpose that fulfills you." What would an Objectivist message be to people?
  9. For example, Sometimes I repeat the phrase, "To Say I love you one must first know how to say the I" to remind myself to be assertive with other people.. How about you?
  10. I know right? If you see a woman you find interesting, just walk straight up to her and tell her so! I guess there is a way of doing this that will maximize your chances with the woman but you can't be compatible with everybody so it is up to her to see if she is interested in you.
  11. Curious now, as I don't have a firm grasp on the O'ist view of art. Is there a way for a pick up artist's approach to become a "work of art" in the O'ist's sense? I guess it could be similar to a performance art or no?
  12. I guess the term "art" is used to make pickup and everything else you mentioned seem "sophisticated"? By the way, here is the definition of art, according to google and not Ayn Rand: "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power."
  13. My understanding is that art is suppose to move you emotionally... I don't get "moved", inspired, or excited by watching even the greatest pua's pick up women lol. If pick up is not an art then why do they call themselves artists?
  14. This is off topic but I think some of you guys think that the democrats are for diversity when that is not true. The only reason democrat politicians appear to like blacks and immigrants is because masses of blacks and immigrants vote that way. If there were more immigrants who didn't believe in handouts then best believe the democrat politicians wouldn't cater to them as much. Democrats aren't for diversity they are for spreading their socialist policies... if you come out as a black, Asian, gay capitalist/individualist they feel that you are pro-white and they want to ruin you and your reputation. The latest example being Kanye West. Somebody need to give him Atlas Shrugged.
  15. I just created this thread because I wanted to see if I could get an inkling of what Donald Trump means by "Make America Great Again". It is bizarre to me because it seems like he is asking someone to talk about slavery and how evil the U.S. is. He was probably talking about the period right before Obama but before Obama there was a recession. So what made America great was it's ideals but the people didn't abide by them? How pointless those ideals seem to the average person. Might as well not have them at all? Other countries ridded themselves of slavery without the U.S. constitution.
  16. Question is in the title. I'm thinking around 1960?
  17. Benjamin Franklin wanted to achieve moral perfection so he wrote in a journal and marked in his journal everytime he violated one of his virtues... I believe this is one of the reasons he achieved such great success. I want to do something similar but with the Objectivist virtues and instead of using a journal I will be using Habitica.com. I need more examples of instances in which I can mark when I have practiced a virtue and instances I can mark when I have violated a virtue... Can you think of anymore? Here is the list I have so far: Productivity/Purposefulness Doing items on my to-do list Going to work Going to work on time Violations of Productivity/Purposefulness Spending more than 30 minutes pottering around when I have better things to do Not working on a project for more than 3 days in a row because it didn't excite me as much as it did at the beginning. Honesty Telling the truth when it's hard Violations of Honesty Lying Justice Listening to people who deserve it Apologizing when I have done someone wrong in some way Disagreeing with someone who disparages views that I agree with Violations of Justice Remaining silent when someone disparages my views Independence Paying my bills Looking at my bank account Violations of independence Buying something I can't afford __________________________________________ I can't think of any unique example for rationality and integrity, since rationality and integrity encompasses every example I just listed. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Somebody posted this on a social media site that; "It baffles me when (People of color) celebrate the 4th. What are you even celebrating? lth On July 4th 1776 white people we're celebrating their "independence" while still owning black slaves. On July 4th 2017 muslims are being banned, the LGBTQ community is being dehumanized,black bodies are dropping and their murderers are running free, millions of people are about to be denied healthcare due to "pre-existing conditions". There is no liberty, there is no justice, there is no freedom so what are you celebrating?" Here are my rough (knee jerk) thoughts: "It was the ideas articulated in the Declaration of Independence that eventually put an end to slavery in the U.S.. What does the writer mean by dehumanized? I didn't know that gay's rights were being violated... as far as I know that is illegal. It's also illegal to kill blacks as far as I know of. Healthcare is not a right. " But that is not convincing at all. I'm interested to see what any of you guys have to say about this post... and how would you respond?
  19. This is a hypothetical question... What books/essays would a complete newbie, who has only read Ayn Rand's fiction, read first if his goal was at the end of 2 years to try to get a job at ARI as a general speaker/writer like Yaron Brook and Don Watkins? Pretend he can only read 2 pages a day... What could he do to give him his BEST shot at accomplishing his goal? What would bring him closest to his goal?
  20. Question is pretty much in the title: ...Affirmative action ,slavery, white priveledge, gangs, some rap music, selective knowledge of history etc. These things need to be dealt with, Any ideas?
  21. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/6737786? Here is a short article saying that by raising the minimum wage and increasing taxes on the rich, the Gov. of Minnesota has improved Minnesota's economy. A family member posted this on facebook and for some reason I want to comment on it, but, I'm slow in intellectual matters. What would you say if you Had To respond to this article?
  22. People often say that " the true measure of a man is how that man treats someone who can do him absolutely no good. " I would say to that... "That's not true. If a person took what you said seriously (practiced what they preached) and wanted to be the best person he could be, according to your standards, then the person could only be great if he had no food, no job, no money, no significant other, no friends etc. because that person knows that in order to be great he has to leave those things for other people to have... I don't have to say how ridiculous that would be. Maybe you just mean being kind to strangers? There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you aren't sacrificing a great value like your child's life by being kind to strangers. Even then however, that shouldn't be the measure of a man. The true measure of a person is how well that person lives his life for himself as determined by nothing else but that person's best rational judgment. A rational judgment is a judgment not based on whim, instinct, intuition, or emotion but a judgment based on the facts of reality..." Obviously I'm still learning... I've been here for a while, but, I only recently started seriously studying philosophy and to top that off, I'm not really of the intellectual sort... so I'm curious to know how a more experienced Objectivist would respond to that common bromide other than "read this and that..." (assume the person was still open to reason and was basically just repeating what he heard all his life)... feel free to take it further than I did.
  23. Here is a post that fits this topics: http://deadstate.org/hashtag-designed-to-bash-millennials-get-hijacked-by-millennials-and-spits-truth/ I don't get the optimism some people have of the millenials, it seems that the millenials are just going to doom the economy even more... Remember "The Student Rebellion" essay in CTUI? Those kids had the same views as the kids today... they could've been even more left leaning... Every generation knows that something went wrong with the previous generations but they always turn around and blame the wrong people in those previous generations. To fix the problems they just have the same anti-liberty solutions that the previous generations had. The millenials, most likely, are only going to exacerbate the problem for the next generation and then the cycle of blame will continue...
  24. "A government investigation found 34,000 instances of Wells Fargo charging African Americans and Hispanics higher fees and rates on mortgages compared with white borrowers with similar credit profiles, according to documents filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia." http://www.reuters.com/article/us-wells-lending-settlement-idUSBRE86B0V220120712 Just wanted to share this in case people here didn't know about it. It's another reminder that white on black racism still exists today.
  25. DISCLOSURE: I haven't finished reading or comprehending ITOE yet. Recently, I've seen people disparage reading books by saying basically that learning from experience is way more important. Here are some quotes: "I am not attracted to book smart. I could not care less about your college degree. I am attracted to raw intelligence. Really anyone can sit behind a desk. I want to know what you know beyond the realm of our society. And only living and seeking can give you that intelligence. We've got time. Let's sit on the rooftop at 2am and introduce me to your mind.." "Books only contain information (which can be true or false). Information isn't knowledge. Knowledge is gained from personal experience." "I'm an intellectual who doesn't read books" It seems to me something is going on here with these quotes but I can't put my finger on what it is... Maybe someone else can give their opinion on whether or not something is wrong with those quotes.
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